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10 Signs Your Clothing is Low Quality ...

By Carly

When it comes to building a full wardrobe of multi-seasonal fashion, it’s fair to say that we can’t always afford and attain the garments that we would love to own in an ideal world. Sometimes we can treat ourselves, but other times we have to settle for less than we’d like and opt for some cheaper alternatives and different options. This is usually fine, but sometimes the symptoms are a little bit too much to take! Here are ten classic signs that your clothing is low quality!

1 Transparent

The fabric of your garment is so thin that if you put it to the light, you can pretty much see through it! Transparency when it isn’t intended is a classic sign of poor quality in clothing.

2 Pilling

If you have a shirt that you think is 100% cotton, but it is starting to show signs of pilling after hardly any time at all, then that means that it is a lesser cotton blend rather than being the 100% real deal.

3 Lightweight Jeans

Cheap jeans are understandably lighter and softer because they usually aren’t proper denim, but if you have paid for the real deal and they still feel light and soft after the first wear, then it indicates you have a lower thread count than you think.

4 Wool Pills

A gentle wash is usually enough to rid a good quality wool sweater of pilling, but if yours is being stubborn and not coming out clear and clean, it’s a sign that it might not the 100% wool that you were hoping for.

5 No Shape Retention

A good quality garment with retain and go back to its original shape if you happen to stretch it slightly through repeated wearing, but a lesser quality item will remain out of shape and become loose and ugly in a much quicker time.

6 Exposed Zips

An easy tell between good and bad quality clothing is that in the good stuff, you will rarely see a zip that is exposed unintentionally, whereas in cheaper, poorer garments, zips will look more like they have been added as an afterthought.

7 No Hem Allowance

Higher quality garments usually include something called a hem allowance, which is basically extra fabric that is sewn up in the bottom of a dress or skirt to allow for tailoring. Cheap clothing won’t have this because the manufacturing consideration was much lower scale.

8 No Matching Seams

If your garment has a pattern that doesn’t match up perfectly when you get to the seams, then you can be sure that it isn’t of a super high quality.

9 No Extra Buttons

High quality garments nearly always come with extra buttons and thread to allow you to perform little repairs when you need to. Low quality items don’t generally have this feature.

10 Glued

If an item appears to be glued together rather then stitched, that is a tell-tale sign that you have something very low quality on your hands rather than high quality.

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