10 Signs You're Not Dressing Your Age ...


10 Signs You're Not Dressing Your Age ...
10 Signs You're Not Dressing Your Age ...

Have you ever been accused of not dressing your age? I think that no matter what year our birth date is, some of us would like to think that we can pull off certain items of clothing just because we’re so darn fabulous! Truth be told, there are some things that we should toss in the donate bin and forget about because we’ve moved beyond that stage in our lives. Think you might still be trying to pull off some questionable clothes? Keep reading for 10 telltale signs you’re not dressing your age and find out!

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Shameless Shirts

Graphic T-shirts are great for casual wear and there’s nothing wrong with sporting something with a fun message but when your closet is full of graphic T’s with suggestive or childish sayings like “No Pimp Required” or “Life is short and so is your penis” and you graduated college years ago, it’s totally not age-appropriate dress! Granted, there are some graphic T’s out there for grown folks that are appropriate but I’m solely referring to the graphic T’s that are attention-grabbing and not in a good way!


It's fantastic to embrace your youthful spirit, but your wardrobe should reflect the mature, sophisticated individual you’ve become. Save the shock-value slogans for the gym or lounging at home. Instead, opt for more subtle, clever designs if you want to keep your T-shirt game strong. A switch to high-quality, solid colors or classic stripes can be a game changer in elevating your style. Remember, a well-chosen graphic tee can still be cool; just ensure it complements the refined vibe you aim to project. After all, clothing is an external expression of our internal self—let it showcase your growth, not your age of peak teenage rebellion.


Aging Ungracefully

Dressing your age should be fun regardless of what your chronological age is and if you’re a young lady dressing like you just stepped out of a movie from the 1800’s or like you’ve been rummaging through your mom’s collection of her retired Chic Jeans, it’s time to shakeup your wardrobe! There’s nothing wrong with wearing hand-me-downs but there’s no reason to make yourself appear older than you are. Mix up older items with more modern pieces or make something new by DIY-ing it! It’s not all about wearing expensive or super trendy clothes, it’s about looking your best!


When it comes to dressing your age, it’s important to remember that age is just a number. It’s important to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. That being said, there are a few signs that you may not be dressing your age.

First, if you’re a young woman and you’re dressing like you’re from the 1800s, it’s time to update your wardrobe. There’s nothing wrong with wearing hand-me-downs, but you don’t want to make yourself appear older than you are. Instead, mix older items with more modern pieces, or make something new with a DIY project. It’s not all about wearing expensive or trendy clothes, it’s about looking your best.


Big Reveal

Even celebrities are sometimes guilty of breaking the rule of not dressing your age when they’re caught wearing clothes that are way too revealing and sexy! When a woman’s wardrobe consists mainly of plunging necklines, micro-minis and “do-me” heels, it’s time for a wardrobe intervention! There’s a time and place to wear some of those pieces but if you’re kids are embarrassed by your clothes or you’re constantly getting comments from strangers, it’s time to rethink your shopping habits!


Forever Young

Some brands are made for a specific age group in mind and once you’ve hit a certain age, it’s just not cute anymore and you’re wearing age-inappropriate clothes. If you frequently skinny jeans and Uggs with your teen or you have an extensive collection of Hello Kitty clothes and you’re the same age or older than the character-she’s 35, it’s time to retire those clothes and display your affinity for Hello Kitty in more subtle ways.


Call of Duty

Most workplaces have a very specific dress code and if you find yourself constantly dressing like you’re giving a presentation to work colleagues, you’re probably not dressing your age. I get that you want to look smart and sophisticated but if your closet resembles the career wear section of a department store, you probably come off as a workaholic and appear older than you are! Save your pant suits and skirt suits for work and incorporate a few pieces of your business wear into your everyday attire to avoid looking too serious or dull.


Oversized Overload

Wearing loose-fitting pieces with fitted items can look cool and casual but if you have a habit of wearing head-to-toe baggy clothes as part of your everyday garb, you’re running the risk of dressing too young. Tweens and teens can pull off wearing baggy outfits but grown-ups can easily end up looking indigent or like a gangsta rapper if they aren’t careful! There’s nothing wrong with wearing loose clothes as long as you balance the look out-avoid looking frumpy or sloppy!


Ill-fitting Attire

Just like clothing that is too big can make you look like one of the characters from the cartoon Boondocks, wearing ill-fitting clothes are too tight can make you look like you’re not dressing your age also! Think about it, when was the last time you saw someone wearing something that was too short or tight and thought it looked good? Probably never, it looks like they’re wearing someone else’s clothes or they think that wearing smaller sizes means they’re younger or slimmer. Embrace your curves and stature and show them off with clothes that flatter!


Highly Decorated

Another clue that you could be dressing too young is if the majority of your collection of jewelry consists of plastic hoops, colorful doorknockers and the latest in trendy costume jewelry. Or maybe you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and you love wearing pearl earrings, necklaces and antique brooches? It’s cool to integrate different types of costume and fine jewelry into your ensembles but avoid overdoing any one type of accessory like too much plastic neon or vintage jewelry. Too much jewelry can be a distraction anyway so keep things minimal and let your personality and smile shine through!


Mega Logo Mania

There was a time when women liked to flaunt logos whether it was a pair of designer denim or a top with a rhinestone studded logo, but nowadays going too hard with logos and embellishments can look tacky and appear like you’re not dressing your age. In-your-face logos can make you look dated, like you’re trying to relive a certain time or bring back an older trend so avoid both of those fashion mishaps, keep logos small and unobtrusive to look more fresh and modern.


Purse Play

The handbag has the power to quickly turn a stylish look to tacky if it’s paired with the wrong outfit and mismatched items can make you look like you’re not engaging in age-appropriate dress. Picture this, a girl in her early 20’s is dressed in a simple white T and boyfriend jeans but is wearing a huge leather handbag that looks like it’s from your grandmother’s yard sale. Or how about a 40-something woman whose also wearing something casual but pairs her outfit with a bright pink leopard print Baby Phat bag-it just doesn’t look right! Wearing the wrong type of purse can be just as damaging to a look as wearing age-inappropriate clothes so choose carefully!

Dressing your age can be a delicate subject as there are some women who can pull off just about any look and then there are those who tend to take a look a little too far. As long as you’re not attracting the wrong type of attention and your clothes fit properly, women should be free to show off their fabulous personal style! Just keep in mind that you want people to notice you and not just your clothes or your body. What do you think are the classic signs of not dressing your age?

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Hi other rebecca!

Women in their late 30s or early 40s rocking bare mid-drifts is a tell tale sign. My 10 year old always points them out to me and makes me promise not to embarrass her that way! Lol

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