7 Telling Signs You're a Lazy Dresser ...


7 Telling Signs You're a Lazy Dresser ...
7 Telling Signs You're a Lazy Dresser ...

Has anyone ever accused you of always rotating the same outfits and it’s got you wondering if you’re exhibiting the classic signs you’re a lazy dresser? Well, you’re not alone. I go through periods of time when I’m a very lazy dresser and I’m quite certain people think I’m either a total fashion disaster or I only own 2 outfits! Check out these 7 telling signs you’re a lazy dresser and see if you’re guilty of getting lazy with your wardrobe!

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Casual Corner

One of the top signs you’re a lazy dresser is if your closet consists of mainly T-shirts and jeans. Or you could be like me and have tops in all different colors, shapes and sizes but always reach for a classic scoop neck T and dark wash jeans when it comes to getting ready to go somewhere. Some days I literally have one second to make a decision on what to wear but even when I have time to pick and choose, I usually go for the plain and easy stuff that doesn’t require too much coordinating!


Fashion Deja Vu

Another possible indicator that you’re a careless dresser is if your friends often ask if you’re wearing the exact same outfit as the last time they saw you - which was 2 days ago. Now this scenario certainly can happen on accident, even if you’re not a lazy dresser. But for those of us who don’t give much thought to what we wear, it’s a common occurrence and getting these types of comments doesn’t even bother us! We know we wash our clothes and it’s not like we never change, we just like to take it easy when we get dressed!


Selective Shopper

A typical characteristic of a lazy dresser is that we only shop at certain stores where we can easily find what we need. You won’t find us going from Express to Anthropologie to Hot Topic when we need clothes, no ma’am! We like to keep it sweet and simple so while you’re digging through the racks at the latest trendy boutiques, you can usually find me at H&M and maybe Forever 21 if I’m feeling particularly ambitious that day!


One Size Fits All

No dressing room drama here, one of the signs of being a lazy dresser is that we really don’t like to try on clothes before buying them. For one, we really don’t feel like going through the trouble of changing and two, we’ve bought the same brand and item before so we already know it’s going to fit! I’m sure this seems crazy to a lot of ladies but we have a pretty impressive success rate when it comes to guessing our size!


Informal Events

Another one of the common signs you’re a lazy dresser is that when it comes to formal occasions, we like to keep that low-key too. Some of us will go to special occasions in slightly upscale casual outfits or we’ll have a trusty standby dress that we always reach for when we have to dress up. We tend to keep our accessories at a minimum too so don’t be too surprised if we don’t have a matching clutch or coordinating accessories!


Silence Speaks Volumes

A common indicator that you’re a lazy dresser is if you rarely get complimented on your outfits. Lazy dressers obviously don’t care too much about getting complimented but the lack of kudos on your clothes can most definitely mean that you aren’t putting much effort or energy into what you wear, and it shows. Not everyone gets accolades on their attire, no matter how stylish they are, but for the most part ladies who love to dress up get recognition for their efforts.


Always Underdressed

Last but not least, a typical sign you’re a lazy dresser is if you feel like everyone around you is constantly over-dressing. If you show up to school, work or out with friends and everyone looks like they’re going to lunch with the President (while you look you’re ready to do some home DIY project) then you know you’re a lazy dresser!

Do you or someone you know relate to these signs you’re a lazy dresser? There’s nothing wrong with treating most days like casual Friday but remember that people who don’t know what an awesome person you are can easily mistake a lazy dresser for being lazy or aloof all around which isn’t true! Try to get more adventurous with your daily attire and have fun with fashion!

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I'm such a lazy dresser. I'm trying to break out of it though, considering I love the look when I dress up!

Or maybe you're just poor, as all of these are also indicators that you can't afford many/nice clothes...

I'm a lazy dresser. And it's going to get worse in dental hygiene school because we have to wear scrubs lol and school has me on an air tight budget. Lol. Uh oh.

I am EXTREMELY broke but have amazing finds from thrift stores- $1.75 for the dress I had on today gained about a dozen compliments.

Do people who buy clothes without trying them on ever fit in them? How lucky! I feel like I have to try out half a clothing rack of things that are -supposed to be- in my size before I find something that actually fits.

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