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So much of summer style is about showing off your legs. Short shift dresses, flirty frocks, cute cut offs and mini skirts: these are seasonal staples, and in order to pull them off, you need to make sure your pins are in great condition. This means a few extra pliés next time you’re at the gym, and a little more time and effort spent on exfoliating, shaving and bronzing. To help get you looking great in the season’s skimpier outfits, I’ve compiled this list of 7 skincare tips for summer legs.

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The first step to achieving smooth, soft, even legs is to get to work with a good exfoliator. Make your own fruity sugar scrub by combining blended pineapple with a glug of olive oil and some yellow sugar: the enzymes in the pineapple act as a chemical astringent and, along with the grainy sugar, will help to buff away dead skin skills and impurities that make your skin dull.


The Right Razor

Shaving has it’s downsides: it needs to be done every couple of days, and, if you buy the wrong product, you risk ingrown hairs and blade rash. In summer, however, I find it is the most efficient hair removal method: the alternatives are either only partially effective or require that you grow your leg hair which prevents you from wearing anything that exposes your pins. In order to enjoy the full benefits of shaving, , it is so important that you buy a good razor. Go for something with a built-in soothing serum, and remember to change the blades as soon as you think they’ve lost their edge.


Shaving Gel

There are a lot of shaving products out there, and they all seem to be pretty similar, getting the right one can make a difference to your legs. Go for a product that is dedicated specifically to women and women’s skin: remember that male-orientated variations are not designed for legs but for the face. If you can, it’s also a good idea to consider something with a built-in vitamin supplement; this will help to nourish and sooth recently shaved skin.


Prevent Blade Burn

If you have very sensitive skin and this makes you prone to those unsightly red splotches and bumps that appear after shaving, you will doubtless be keen to take steps to keep your legs smooth and rash-free. There are a variety of ways to achieve this but basically you need to make sure your razor is always sharp and, if the problem is persistent, you might want to consider shaving with the grain – that is pulling the blade down your legs towards your feet rather than up towards your thighs. Always apply a soothing balm after shaving – anything with aloe vera is a good option – and never roughly rub your legs dry; instead, pat them firmly with an absorbent towel.



Beauty experts suggest that the best way to ensure that freshly shaved skin stays in good condition is to apply liberal lashing of a nourishing oil to your still-warm legs after you get out of the shower. You might consider jojoba as a good option, or vitamin E: either of these will sink into skin very quickly and won’t leave a pore-clogging residue either.



A good self tanner is a must-have in summer time and there’s so much choice out there these days that you’ll find it won’t be too difficult to find the right product for you. Remember to go for a good quality option: sadly, cheaper variations tend to streak and smell strange, and often they prove tricky to apply as well. Indeed, if you doubt your skills with the self-tan, get yourself a body bronzing makeup: this is a non-permanent alternative which will give your legs the glow you want but will also wash off at the end of the day.



There are few things less attractive than scaly, dry flaky legs: make sure you keep yours looking soft and luscious with a thick, heavy-duty moisturiser. Go for a body butter if you can, and find a product that is vitamin enriched for extra nutrition. Apply at night before you go to bed, and after showering but not immediately once you've shaved your legs.

Beautiful, well-maintained pins are an absolute seasonal must: keep yours in great shape by following this list of 7 skincare tips for summer legs. Do you have any great suggestions of your own to add?

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