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7 Slimming Style Rules All Girls Should Live by ...

By Melissa

We all want to look and feel good in our clothes. While some women search for ways to increase their cleavage, other women look for ways to look slimmer in the mirror. If you follow these 7 slimming style rules you are sure to create a fashion statement that will leave you looking thinner and feeling better about your appearance. There are few key style rules that will help slim you down and create a fresh look.

1 Flared Skirts

clothing, dress, costume, fashion, pattern,Flared skirts are a great way to mask heavy thighs and hips. Don’t worry, girls, we love those curves. But if you want to look a little slimmer you can wear flared skirts and dresses. They will accentuate a thin waist and perfect curves.

2 Monochrome

blue, clothing, dress, photography, girl,It’s not all black that helps make a girl look thin, it’s wearing one color from top to bottom. Wearing one solid color really adds length to your overall appearance and makes you look leaner. Which color will you chose?

3 V-Neck

white, clothing, sleeve, dress, fashion,A V-neck is the perfect neckline for a slimming style. It creates a thinner jaw and neck. It helps emphasize an hourglass figure. Do you wear V-neck tops? We see a lot of celebrities embrace this slimming style rule.

4 Belted Waist

color, dress, pink, beauty, spring,Typically, the waist is the thinnest part of your body. Add a little attention to the area by wearing a belt. It helps draw the eye down and places focus on this thin area. You can add a belt to just about any outfit. I think a thin belt works best.

5 Long Layers

clothing, blue, denim, footwear, spring,Adding a long cardigan or outer jacket will do wonders for your figure. It is sure to mask any figure flaws you may want to hide and it also gives you a long, slender appearance. In the warm weather, you can try a long vest.

6 Dark Wash Jeans

clothing, blue, jeans, denim, pattern,Nothing slims a woman like a pair of high waist, dark wash, boot cut jeans. The solid dark denim on the lower half of your body gives the look of long, lean legs. If you pair this style rule with a nice set of heels you will look killer.

7 Shapewear

white, black, clothing, dress, little black dress,Of course, if all else fails, throw on some shapewear. Nothing will make a woman feel more confident than a good set of undergarments that slim you down and add sleekness in all the right places.

These are some great style rules to follow to look and feel slimmer in your clothes. You can pair any of these rules together to create a great look. What slimming style rules do you follow?

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