6 Spring 🌸 Accessories 💍 You Can Still Rock 🤘 in Summer ☀️ ...


There are loads of spring accessories you can still wear in summer. For a lot of us, spring came late and summer arrived with a bang. Temperatures are already soaring well into the 90’s in many parts of the United States. This means only one thing:

It’s finally time to bust out your tank tops, flip-flops, and bathing suit wraps!

Spring may be over. But that doesn’t mean you have to stow away your favorite accessories until next year.

There are tons of spring accessories you can continue to rock for summer fashion. Which means less hassle for you and more money in your pocket to spend on new summer get-ups!

Here are the top 6 spring accessories you can still wear in summer.

1. Sun Hats

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When the warmer weather finally rolled around, you probably couldn’t wait to bust out your sun hat. Now that it’s summer, there’s no better accessory to rock on the beach along with your swimsuit and sunglasses. In fact, this is one of the top spring accessories you can still wear in summer.

Of course, pastel-colored sun hats in pink, orange, white, and blue are still in style well until Labor Day. They're perfect whether you’re going to the beach, on a picnic, or even running errands!

Black statement hats are the epitome of summer fashion and have been for years. More girls own them now more than ever, and they're certainly not going anywhere this summer. If you own one, you can still rock it if your area winds up having an Indian summer.

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