7 Stars Who Have Completely Altered Their Style ...


There are so many stars who have altered their style this year, especially considering the amount of child stars who are back in the spotlight and impressing everyone with their gorgeous sense of style. Take Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez for example. They started out on the Disney Channel wearing skinny jeans and Converse high tops, and today they’re some of the most influential stars who have altered their style. That being said, all of these women are absolutely killing the fashion world these days!

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

I don’t think I need to remind everyone of the days of Taylor Swift and her cowboy boots. While her style has constantly changed over the years, she has recently become a style icon, and she made that clear in her music video for Blank Space. In fact, she even has a song called “Style” on her new album, and when you listen to it, you’ll probably wish you never went of “Style” either! Especially this year, Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars who have altered their style in the spotlight!

Miley Cyrus
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