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Stop Doing These Things That Make You Look Less Classy ...

By Holly

Your clothes can say a lot about you. That's why you should be careful with the way you walk around town. Listen to Cosmopolitan's advice and stop doing these things that make you look less classy:

1 Your Underwear is Showing

Your Underwear is ShowingIf your skirt is short enough that your underwear is visible, it's time to change.

2 Your Shoelaces Are a Mess

Your Shoelaces Are a MessIt doesn't take long to fix them, so make sure they're tied correctly.

3 You're Carrying Two Bags at Once

You're Carrying Two Bags at OnceIf you can afford an expensive bag, only carry that one around.

4 You're Always Adjusting Your Clothes

You're Always Adjusting Your ClothesIf they fit you right, you wouldn't have to adjust them all day long.

5 Your Clothes Are Covered in Pet Hair

Your Clothes Are Covered in Pet HairIt's hard to get cat hair off of black jeans, but try to do it before you leave the house.

6 Your Pants Hit the Ground

Your Pants Hit the GroundYou don't want to get them dirty, do you?

7 Your Top is Only Half Tucked

Your Top is Only Half TuckedIf you're going to tuck your shirt in, make sure it stays tucked.

Now that you know what fashion mistakes make you look less classy, you can avoid making them. Do you ever make any of these fashion mistakes?

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