Stunning after Party Looks from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show ...

A lot of people just pay attention to the looks from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but I always look for the after party fashion that immediately follows the fashion show. These women always bring it with the most amazing looks! I mean, they are models after all, so I guess it should be a little expected! If you’re looking to be inspired by the chic models of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, look no further than their insanely beautiful looks that followed the iconic fashion show at the after party!

1. Selena Gomez

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When it was announced that Selena Gomez would be performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I was instantly so excited to see the fashion choices she would bring to the table. She definitely did not disappoint! She looked great during the show, but even more than that, she looked great at the after party! The geometric body-con dress had cutouts in the most unexpected places and she looked great in it!

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