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Bid Adieu to the Biggest Fashion Failures of the Year ...

By Lyndsie

Happens every year. Just like every other year before it, 2015 had a few questionable trends in fashion, beauty, hair, and makeup – trends that fashionistas, makeup gurus, and beauty aficionados don't want to see in 2016. I polled some friends, some readers, some random folks in my neighborhood who now think I'm weird, and these were the overwhelming responses. Do I agree? Well, you'll see – and I hope you'll tell me how you feel about them, too.

1 Man Buns

Man BunsA lot of these are in random order, but not this one. Nope. Everyone I talked to mentioned this. They were particularly vehement about their hatred. I get it. I get the hate. Definite fail.

2 Drop-crotch Pants (still)

Drop-crotch Pants (still)Why are these still here? Why were they a thing in the first place?

3 Glitter in Your Hair

Glitter in Your HairSo, I get it, but I'm torn. Although greasy roots are the bane of my existence, glitter is an immortal abomination and I could never use it. However, I think this trend makes for gorgeous Instagram pictures.

4 Glitter in Your Eyebrows

Glitter in Your EyebrowsSame – although it's tempting to try, just given my obsession with my eyebrows.

5 Glitter in Your Armpits

Glitter in Your ArmpitsSame. I don't blink an eye at pit hair on anyone, to be honest, and I don't know, glitter makes it look pretty magical.

6 Glitter in Your Beard

Glitter in Your BeardI went from loathing beards to loving them overnight, it seems like, and the lumbersexual look with the undercut kind of does it for me. So, sorry, I don't know, I like the beard decorating trend. It's pretty.

7 Fringe for Days

Fringe for DaysI'm not a huge fan of fringe in the first place, so I can dig this complaint – that fringe is just going a little too far.

8 Front Thongs (ouch)

Front Thongs (ouch)Or frongs. Seriously, ouch.

9 Off-shoulder Straitjackets

Off-shoulder StraitjacketsOff-the-shoulder tops are adorable. Not being able to move your arms is not adorable.

10 Bubble Nails

Bubble NailsI'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know it must take time, patience, and skill to do these, but I just … every time I look at them, I always just see nail fungus

11 Also, Extreme 3D Nail Art

Also, Extreme 3D Nail ArtSee, though, I can get behind 3D nail art. Maybe just not quite so 3D. You don't want to walk around getting your nails snagged on crap all the time.

12 Overlining Your Lips

Overlining Your LipsI don't know, I disagree with this one to a point. I don't like makeup shaming much, for one thing, but for another, overlining can and often does look really, really good. When it's overdone, though … yeah, I can see that.

13 Eyebrow Shading

Eyebrow ShadingI want everyone's opinion on this. Do you like it? Does anyone really do their eyebrows like this in real life? Because I've been knocking myself out trying to copy this look thinking that it's how Eyebrows Should Look, and I will be so happy if it's not true.

14 Crazy Contouring

Crazy ContouringAgain, I don't like makeup shaming. I think this comes more from people who don't do it, or don't know how to do it, or don't want to do it – which is fine also. But hell, if you like contouring – even clown contouring or strobing or whatever you crazy talented makeup artists are doing these days – go for it.

15 Laces, Laces Everywhere

Laces, Laces EverywhereYeeeah. I get it.

16 Grey Hair

Grey HairThis makes me sad, actually. I confess I like the grey/silver/lavender trend enough that I've been considering it. Might as well embrace the damn grey.

17 Mom Jeans

Mom JeansI actually don't care if you wear mom jeans. I do find it funny, however, that when moms were wearing them, they were lame, then someone discovered they look good with crop tops or something, and suddenly they became a trend.

RaniSami that's exactly what the fuss about Cultural Approp...

18 Infinite Fur

Infinite FurOr infinite faux fur, whatever. I still get it. Fur doesn't need to be in every place.

19 Waist Training

This just looks like it would be so painful, especially over a long period of time.

So, what do you think? Were these fashion failures or were they wins?

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