Awesome Style Advice for Your Zodiac Sign ...


Awesome Style Advice for Your Zodiac Sign ...
Awesome Style Advice for Your Zodiac Sign ...

The world of fashion can be an overwhelming and confusing one, especially if you are somebody who has yet to identify or discover your signature style. With so many prominent voices in fashion culture and commentary, it can often be a challenge to decide who to listen to for advice, but one thing that I recommend is following the guidance that your star sign might be able to provide! If you have faith in astrology, then you know that it can offer insights in to every aspect of life, so here is some interesting style and fashion advice for you based on your zodiac sign!

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shoulder, fashion model, fashion, neck, outerwear, As a natural lover of the arts, you tend to gravitate towards the more bold, vibrant and unique fashion choices, even in your everyday wardrobe. Intricate prints and interesting geometric shapes should be making up the bulk of your closet this year.



shoulder, costume, joint, soldier, Your bold and energetic nature lends itself well to fashionable sports wear, and in terms of colour, you were born to rock red in every way that you can!



fashion model, shoulder, photo shoot, girl, brown hair, You are a notorious homebody, so a lot of your fashion is concerned with looking great at home rather than dressing up to go out! Nothing will make you feel better than a great pair of matching silk pyjamas, complete with slippers of course!



clothing, shoulder, orange, fashion, joint, If there is one thing in life that you hate, it is being bored, and this definitely translates in to your fashion and style. You should be looking to make the most of funky asymmetrical patterns to maintain an element of surprise.



pink, clothing, coat, fashion model, fashion, You wear your heart on your sleeve in a metaphorical sense, so it would be perfectly acceptable to so in a fashion sense as well! Pinks and reds are great colours for you, and if you wanted to be so bold as to rock a literal heart print, then go for it!



clothing, yellow, shoulder, fashion, sleeve, You love bright colours, and this year you should be looking to showcase this with an array of yellow, gold and orange shades. Not only are these colours set to be bang on trend in 2018, but they also keep your Leo sign loud and proud!



purple, pink, fashion model, coat, blazer, You are the strongest and most independent of all the signs, and you need to showcase this through your fashion. You can rock a power suit like no other, and classic colours and strong silhouettes are your best friend!



red, coat, shoulder, tights, outerwear, Your best qualities come from your sensitive and charming nature, so when it comes to fashion you are best suited to more classically feminine pieces like soft skirts and dresses with heels, preferably in shades of pink and red.



dress, shoulder, cocktail dress, joint, gown, You are definitely the most sexy of the star signs, and you should show off your best attributes with items like deep V necklines and sheer fabrics. You are a natural trendsetter.



clothing, shoulder, joint, outerwear, jeans, Nobody can pull off layering like a confident Sagittarius! Feel free to layer on colours, textures and different accessories. If you think you are going too far, then don’t worry because you more than anyone can rock the look!



footwear, eyewear, tights, shoe, fashion accessory, You like to keep control in all aspects of your life, and this is no different in your fashion. Keep things simple and clean with lots of monochrome options, with traditional lines and timeless shapes. You look your best when there is no fuss in your outfits.



fashion model, fashion, supermodel, photo shoot, socialite, You are a notorious forward thinker, constantly on the forefront of fashion. The more eccentric the outfit, the better you look, so you want to be finding interesting patterns and textures to accent your personality.

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