7 Ways to Have a Unique Fashion Sense That Stands out ...


If you want to set trends instead of following them, there are ways to have a unique fashion sense. You don't have to wear the same thing that everyone around you is wearing. You should let your personality shine through your clothes. Here are a few simple ways to have a unique fashion sense that'll impress others:

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Shop Elsewhere

Shop Elsewhere If you want to look different than everyone around you, you should stop shopping at big, popular stores. If you always go to Aeropostale and American Eagle, you'll see tons of people with the same items of clothing as you. Try going to a smaller shop that no one really knows about, or look online for clothes. One of the best ways to have a unique fashion sense is to find new stores to shop in.


Disregard Prices

Disregard Prices If you see a shirt that you'd love to strut around in but can't afford it, look elsewhere for it. You'll probably be able to find something similar for a much lower price. It might not be made out of the same material or have an impressive brand name on it, but it'll allow you to wear the style you want.


Ignore Celebrities

Ignore Celebrities You can flip through fashion magazines to see what you like, but don't listen to the tips that tell you what style is 'in' or 'out.' If you like stripes, wear them. It doesn't matter if they're the hip thing that season. Do what makes you happy instead of trying to follow fleeting fashion trends.


Be Open-Minded

Be Open-Minded If you've always hated flats, don't rule them out completely. You might find a pair that you like, and you shouldn't ignore them just because you've always been against them. The same goes for heels, sneakers, boots, or any other type of shoe or clothing item. Shop with an open mind and you'll discover some awesome stuff.


Be Bold

Be Bold As much as you love wearing all black, try on other colors. You never know what'll make your eyes pop and your curves look amazing. You might be scared to wear a bright color that'll draw attention, but if you like it, go for it. You could set a new trend.


Combine Looks

Combine Looks If you decide to wear a skirt, you don't have to match it with a girly top. You can wear a skirt with a baseball cap or a flowery dress with a leather jacket. Some things don't mix and match well, but others will work. You have to try it to find out.


Show Confidence

Show Confidence Your confidence can change the way others look at you. If you're wearing something 'crazy' and look embarrassed by it, others won't be all that impressed. But if you're wearing that same outfit and walking around like you're the hottest thing in town, others will look twice and wonder if they should dress more like you. It's all about your confidence, girl.

What you wear is a huge reflection of who you are as a person. Wear a style that you feel comfortable and confident with, and you'll feel more amazing about yourself than you already do. Are you happy with the clothes in your closet or do you want to go on a shopping spree to replace everything you own?

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