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The Best Underwear Style for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

What's the best underwear for your zodiac sign? Unless you are one of the few who likes to let everything breathe and go commando in public, it would be fair to assume that a lot of the top drawer of your closet is filled with lots of different kinds of underwear! With so many varied and diverse styles on offer, searching out and finding your perfect set of underwear can be a more tricky task than you might think. If you are the kind of person who likes to turn to the stars for advice, then why not see what your sign has to say about your underwear? That’s right, here is the best underwear for your zodiac sign.

1 Pisces

You love nothing more than to be regarded as classic and traditional, so we’re taking it full circle back to the tried and tested black cotton thong. It’s a real crowd pleaser and has that perfect balance between style and substance!

2 Aries

You’re a modern kind of girl with a lot of spunk, which makes the thong a great choice for you. Modern but still classically pretty!

3 Taurus

You are feminine and very soft, so delicate underwear something along the lines of floral lace is just the ticket. Very mature and elegant!

4 Gemini

You are very dualistic, so why not replicate this in your choice of underwear with something like two-tone panties? An intricate colour lace pattern on the front side, with a more demure design in the back.

5 Cancer

You are somebody who likes to follow tradition, so what better than a good old-fashioned pair of full butt underwear? Make things sleeker by buying that style in luxurious fabrics.

6 Leo

You are nothing if not extravagant, and no other star sign could pull off mesh bikini briefs with floral embroidery side panels quite like you could! Don’t believe us? Give it a try!

7 Virgo

You are at your best when you are comfortable but stylish, so there is no other type of underwear better for you than good old-fashioned briefs. You will enjoy the comfort but shapeliness that hip huggers provide!

8 Libra

You are a fan of more eclectic looks and choices in fashion, so why not rock a pair of girl boxers underneath your outfit? Test out what it might feel like to be a dude for a day!

9 Scorpio

You are the most passionate of all zodiac signs, and what better way to display this passion than with a sultry, sexy matching lace two piece? Sexy underwear doesn’t always have to be about impressing someone, it can also make you feel like a million dollars!

10 Sagitarrius

You like to feel self-assured and sophisticated, and the kind of underwear that is going to help you achieve this is a good old-fashioned pair of high waisted underwear. The little extra bit of security that high waisted provides can feel really great.

11 Capricorn

You like to be demure on the outside and freaky on the inside, so something like a pair of high waisted cut out style panties will really align with your ‘inner goddess’ vibe!

12 Aquarius

You are smart, independent and original, so you need the underwear to match! Polka dots should be your trademark, they are a fun addition to any style, and your confidence can pull off a lot of different designs.

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