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It's hard to look at hundreds of gorgeous girls on your Instagram and Tumblr without wanting to buy a whole new wardrobe for yourself. Well, there's nothing stopping you from doing so! If you want to reinvent your style, then all you have to do is find some new stores to shop at that sell the types of clothes you're looking for. If you want to create a beachy vibe for yourself, here are some of the best websites for buying beautiful boho clothes you'll love to strut around in:

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If you're looking for a headband, wedges, or muscle tees, this is the place to look. has tons of options that'll help you create a boho vibe. Once you buy from this store, you'll be snapping your own photos for a fashion blog.


Lulus doesn't just stop at accessories. They also offer an enviable selection of flowy dresses, off-the-shoulder blouses, and airy skirts perfect for nailing that effortlessly chic bohemian style. With their eye for contemporary trends blended with classic boho elements, you'll find pieces that are both timeless and on-point. The prices are affordable, meaning you can stock your closet with breezy silhouettes and patterns without breaking the bank. Free shipping and returns are the cherry on top, ensuring a stress-free shopping experience.


Shop Planet Blue is a last resort, because the clothes are so darn pricey. Of course, they have tons of fabulous outfits. Even if you can't afford them, you should browse the site to see what you like, and then look for similar outfits elsewhere. That way, you'll still get something cute, but won't empty your wallet.


While Shop Planet Blue might be on the higher end of the budget, don't forget that their exorbitant price tags reflect quality and unique designs that make a statement. If you're ever in the mood to splurge, this could be the place to find that special piece that elevates your wardrobe. And for those days when you're feeling lucky, keep an eye out for their sales - sometimes you can snag a gorgeous boho dress at a more palatable price. Consider it an investment in your boho-chic style cred!

Frequently asked questions

Boho clothing is all about freedom, comfort, and expressing your unique style. It's a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces that often include earthy tones, flowy fabrics, and eclectic patterns. Perfect for anyone wanting to add a bit of whimsy and creativity to their wardrobe!

Absolutely! There are plenty of websites out there that offer stylish boho attire at affordable prices. You just need to know where to look. Many stores frequently have sales and discounts, so you can snag a great deal without breaking the bank.

Oh, that's easy! Start with a statement piece like a flowy dress or a patterned top and pair it with more neutral, laid-back items. Think layering with cardigans, scarves, or chunky jewelry but keep it simple. It's all about achieving that effortlessly chic look.

Yes, definitely! Many boho clothing stores now offer inclusive sizing. You can find beautiful, bohemian-inspired pieces that cater to every body type. It's wonderful to see more brands embracing diversity and making sure everyone can enjoy boho fashion.

Great question! Boho is more about the free-spirited, eclectic vibe with a lot of mix-and-match patterns and relaxed fits. Boho-chic takes that same spirit but adds a bit of polish and sophistication. Think of it as boho with a touch of elegance—perfect for both casual days and fancier outings.


Thread Sense

Here's a more affordable site for you. has all the clothing, shoes, and accessories you could ever need. Plus, there's free shipping on orders over $75. It sounds like a lot, but it'll be easy for you to spend that much when the products are so pretty.


Free People

Want a maxi dress? How about a romper? Or maybe cutoff shorts? has all of those things and much, much more. There are outfits for every occasion, chic bathing suits, and accessories to add to your boho look. If you're ready for the whole world to stop and stare at you, you need to fill up your shopping cart on this site.


Tree of Life

Even the name of this site sounds earthy. sells dresses, tops, shirts, and pants that'll make you look like you've just stepped off of the beach. It even contains men's clothing and unisex clothing, so you can kill two birds with one stone and buy your man's birthday gifts here while you buy some special treats for yourself.


Gypsy Warrior has some products that will help you achieve the boho look, and others that'll help you achieve the rocker look. So if you want to buy a few different pieces that capture a few different styles, this site will have everything you need in one place. After all, you don't need to dress in the same style day after day. You can look like one person one day and like an entirely new person the next. That's the beauty of fashion.


Johnny Was

Do you love light clothes or shirts with floral patterns? has plenty for you to choose from, but the prices are pretty high. So if you want to splurge on one big thing, you can find it on this site. Just don't get carried away, because you don't want to end up broke.

It's not hard to create an entirely new look for yourself. You just have to find the right places to shop for the types of items you're looking for. Where do you buy your boho clothes?

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Tree of life is a great store :) but yes it's expensive :) have to look out for their sales :) Australia is ridiculously expensive though :/ but I guess if you really like something then it's worth it :)

would be great if they got international shipping

Gypsy warrior ❤️ absolutely amazing clothing and prices. In love with this website 😍

Free People is my favorite store, but they're so expensive!! I tend to find pieces on the Nordstrom Rack for really cheap. I just bought a long sleeve lace shirt for $15 and the original price was close to $60, so I'm really happy with the deal. I just wish I could afford more of their clothing before they go on the rack.

OMG some of these are super expensive. I think urban outfitters has better prices than a few of these websites.

Thanks Holly, first time i encounter these websites, love Johnny was, the 3J blouses are just so amazing!!!!

Awesome !!!!

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