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Preppy clothing can get ridiculously expensive. If you're not careful, you'll end up filling your shopping cart with items that cost more than your car does. However, you can still capture the look you want without spending hundreds of dollars on one shirt. You just have to know the right places to search and remember to always watch out for deals. Here are a few websites that sell preppy clothing that shouldn't hurt your wallet all that badly:

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H&M has blouses, blazers, and cardigans that will help you create a look that you love. Anything that you could possibly want, you'll find on this site. Plus, the site has a separate page that will show you all of the sales that are currently going on. That way, you'll never have to waste your entire paycheck on one shopping trip. You can stick to filling your shopping cart with all the deals you can find.


American Eagle

You've definitely heard of before. Whether you're looking for a blouse, a dress, or a skirt, it'll have exactly what you're looking for. They even sell some preppy clothing for men, so you can pick up a birthday gift for your boyfriend and kill two birds with one stone. If he doesn't like it, then he can always return it and let you use the store credit on more preppy items!


Lilly Pulitzer can get pretty expensive, but there are some decently priced items on the site. You just have to be patient and look through everything. If you love bright colors and patterns, then you'll fall in love with what you see on the pages.



You know all about Don't be afraid to shop there because you don't want to own the same outfit that half of your school owns. As long as you get creative by mixing and matching your Aeropostale clothing with other items, you won't look like a clone. You'll still come across as unique.


The North Face

How many times have you seen someone preppy walk around with a North Face jacket? Well, sells more than winter gear. It also sells tops, bras, and shorts. So if you want to look preppy while you're jogging down the block or playing tennis with your neighbors, this is the place you should shop for your athletic gear.


Calvin Klein is the most expensive store on this list because it's a famous brand that most people will recognize. So if you want to buy one or two big items, like a plain shirt that you can wear multiple times a week with different jackets and skirts, then this is the place where you should splurge. It'll be worth the money you spend.


Tillys carries a few different types of clothing. While you can easily find preppy clothes, there are also tons of boho styled clothes and skater clothing. So if you want to capture a new look every day of the week, you can pick up a few different items from here and be all set.

You can create any style in the world without wasting all your money. You just have to buy your clothing from the right places. Where do you usually buy your preppy clothing?

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I always see celebs drinking Starbucks... Anyways, great post!

Look for sales though for sure! They have them occasionally.

J. Crew is my go to

H&M is my place to go if I want clothes. I find in Old Navy they have great clothes that I want, but they look horrible on actual people or they're too expensive or they're not in my size. I always find something at H&M though, and although I am not usually a cheap shopper, I always head straight for the clearance/sale area of the store and find super cute outfits. The last time I went, I found some adorable shirts for cheap, and the time before that I found my (now) favourite dress that's a floral design in peach and white. Maybe not so cheap, but well worth it and a hell of a lot cheaper than every other store I've ever gone into

Aeropostale and American eagle are places definitely to avoid if you want to look preppy. Instead, vineyard vines, Patagonia, Tory burch and Kate Spade should be added to this list. :)


All skinny people clothes...

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