What Types of Children's Earrings Are the Most Popular?


What Types of Children's Earrings Are the Most Popular?
What Types of Children's Earrings Are the Most Popular?

Among mothers, the topic of earrings for children is often discussed. Naturally, everyone wants the best for their little treasure, even when it comes to decorating their ears. That’s why they want to base their selection on the knowledge and expertise of those who speak from experience and to learn from it. We have come up with a summary of the most common tips and suggestions for some beautiful pieces.

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When is It Time for Earrings

Jewellery, Metal, Body jewelry, Earrings, Natural material, There are two ways to pierce the ears. You could choose to pierce them with a disposable needle, where immediately after the ears are pierced, the disinfected earrings of your choice are put on the ears. The second option is to use a piercing gun - in which case the child will get steel earrings put into their ears which must stay on at least until the ears have healed up.

Suitable Metals for Children

Moreover, mothers are also very interested in what material the jewelry should be made from. The most important principle is to choose a metal that will not cause allergic reactions. For this reason, silver is not very suitable.

Gold earrings or surgical steel earrings are hypoallergenic. In addition, gold has the advantage that you can choose from either classic yellow gold, or opt for delicate girls' earrings made of rose gold or white gold. And when you invest in quality earrings, you definitely won’t want your princess to lose them.


Which Fastening to Choose and What is the Children's Front Closure?

Earrings, Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Body jewelry, Metal, Experience with the different types of closures varies. Some parents buy their girls classic push back or lever back earrings, but most consider it important to choose a closure which has been directly adapted for children. With earrings for babies, the safest choice of fastening is a front closure. This is also recommended by experienced jewelers from the Czech jewelry studio KLENOTA. Their children's collection includes safe and durable jewelry, it features lots of designs and you can buy the earrings in all gold colors.

Children's Earring Styles

Moving on to the actual look of the earrings, we believe that the variety is so wide that it will satisfy everyone. For simpler pieces, there are children's earrings with a diamond or color gemstones set into a metal band, which will light up the child's ears. The most popular themes for earrings include cute flowers, hearts and teardrops. Animals are also another option for decorating their ears - perhaps with butterflies or ladybugs. Of course, all these shapes can also be embellished with diamonds or other precious stones.


And How Long Will Your Little Girl's Earrings Last?

Jewellery, White, Fashion accessory, Natural material, Metal, Just finally, you might be interested to know how long a pair of children’s earrings will last. Of course it depends a lot on the specific type of earrings and how fast the child grows. However the first baby earrings can generally be worn by children without a problem up to the age of three but they will often last much longer. Many girls then wear their children's earrings until teenage years and exceptionally, some also into adulthood.

So now it's all up to you. Did this article help you get an idea of ​​what earrings you would like to buy your little girl?

Photo Credits: Klenota s.r.o.

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