The Denim You Should Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Denim You Should Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Denim You Should Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Want to know the denim you should wear based on your zodiac sign? Denim! It’s something that can be at the cutting edge of fashion whilst simultaneously being completely out of favour! You only need to look at the fact that double denim was huge in the 90s, deemed a disaster in the 00s, and is now back with a bang in 10s to see that if you don’t know what you are doing, denim can be a tough fashion choice to navigate! If you are looking to get back in to the denim game, but are unsure of what is hot and what is not right now, then why not leave things up to astrology? Here is the denim you should wear based on your zodiac sign.

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yellow, jeans, shoulder, outerwear, textile, You are a warm, patient and grounded person by nature, so nothing suits you more than a great pair of boyfriend jeans. About as comfortable as fashion can get!



jeans, clothing, denim, shoulder, trunk, You are something of a social powerhouse, always at the best parties looking great. Make sure that you have a pair of versatile skinny jeans to help adapt all of your outfits.



clothing, white, footwear, denim, fashion model, You have a sensitive and emotional quality that makes you seem like a person from another era, so why not rock a sweet seventies looks with a simple denim dress?



clothing, shorts, fashion model, shoulder, waist, You are the life and soul of the party and when it comes to summer, you should always be found at the beach rocking a beautiful pair of jean shorts!



denim, jeans, blue, clothing, fashion model, You like to keep things modest and chic but always fashionable, so a pair of high waisted baggy denim pants paired with a sophisticated top will make for a really memorable look.



blue, clothing, jeans, denim, coat, You really know how to turn on the charm with an outfit, and nothing is more charming this season that a perfect pair of denim cigarette pants. Retro and sexy!



clothing, denim, jeans, fashion, jacket, You are always looking for ways to let your rebellious side shine through in fashion, and historically, one of the most iconic ways to do that is via a funky denim jacket!



clothing, denim, fashion model, waist, jeans, You are a naturally super happy person, so you like your clothes to exude the same sort of light and fun that you feel. You can’t go wrong with a cute denim romper!



jeans, outerwear, tourism, trousers, headgear, You are down to earth and no frills, which means that there is only really one choice for you when it comes to denim, and that’s the classic blue collar shirt!



jeans, dog walking, leash, trousers, denim, You are lots of fun and a little bit quirky, and nothing says fun and quirky quite like a classic set of trendy overalls!



clothing, footwear, jeans, shoulder, leg, You are probably the most creative and artistic of all the signs, so when it comes to denim, you can pull off pretty much any garment, but make sure that it has some beautiful embroidery on it!



denim, jeans, vehicle, socialite, bicycle, Your adventurous side means that you like to take a few chances with your fashion, so something like a high fashion denim jumpsuit is just begging to be worn!

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These all look so cute

I especially love the boyfriend jeans, the denim jacket (cause I’m a Scorpio), and the denim jumpsuit!

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