The Hottest Chick on the Internet for Black Girls to Check out ...


The Hottest Chick on the Internet for Black Girls to Check out ...
The Hottest Chick on the Internet for Black Girls to Check out ...

It might seem like fashion and beauty bloggers come a dime a dozen but @inafashionmood just gets me. She knows the importance of good shoes, lipstick, and a graphic T-shirt. She also makes rad YT videos and her latest happens to be on booty hacks! Um, can we hurry up and be best friends now? Check out her IG feed below, we think you'll love her, too!

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Everything IS for white girls if you haven't noticed, thus a reason to create a blog so that EVERYONE can look beautiful no matter what times they have and be represented. European ideas don't work for the whole world nor represent the whole world

@Jem I don't get it either Jem!

If I was to make one for 'white girls' to check out there would be uproar maybe I would be in jail lol but it's okay for you

When is the other race it's just hot girls for everyone to checkout 🙏🏻

It's called Insecurity

These girls should be labeled as hot, but not just for black girls, but for everyone.

@ Jem,i am very black, but I don't see anything hot in this article! Either the chick,or the products. Everything looks basic to me!🙄

It is tones not times. Some people feel left out and suffer because we are afraid to celebrate something different from ourselves.

This is not Patricia. Get this right.

That's not Patricia

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