The Nicest Naughty Bits You'll Ever Find in Your Stocking ...

Finding just the right stocking stuffers for your loved ones can be a little difficult, because everything's the same. If you want something really special for the cool girls in your life, you need to think outside the box. Maybe … maybe even start thinking in French. Remember when we introduced you to Locher's a while ago? The provocative brand definitely sparked some interest, so in response to requests for more, more, more (and as proof that you can display a naughty sense of humor while still being both stylish and classy), we thought you might like to check out these cheeky, charming pieces – which really are the nicest naughty bits you'll ever find in a stocking!

1. The Secret Insult

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This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the bestie or loved one who has to deal with people she hates all day long, especially if she can't tell her coworkers, classmates, or roommates how badly they suck. β€œVous Γͺtes tous cons” looks like such a pretty phrase, especially surrounded by glam silver glitter and accented by two lovely little charms. In reality the wearer is announcing to everyone in the vicinity, β€œYou are all idiots.” Don't you wish you could say that sometimes?

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