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Wearing Christmas socks is one of the best things about the holidays, am I right? After all, in many parts of the world it gets cold during this time of year. That's why you need a whole bunch of cozy Christmas socks to make you smile and keep your feet warm. Luckily, there are loads of options to choose from. Shop for yourself or put them on your wish list for all the people who will be buying you gifts this year. Socks make a wonderful stocking stuffer. Go ahead and check out these awesome choices to get yourself started. You might have trouble stopping once you start stocking your collection.

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Tall Boot Socks

Wearing tall socks with boots is trendy right now, so why not make some of your choices Christmas socks? These are adorable!


Blue Knitted with Reindeer

Blue Knitted with Reindeer Via Socks Are NOT Boring Gifts! ...
A pair of socks adorned with cute reindeer is sure to make your Christmas bright and merry. The ones with just the snowflakes are pretty awesome too.


Crochet Boot Pattern

Crochet Boot Pattern Via Wind Rose Fiber Studio: My ...
These are super cute as is, but if you crochet, you can easily mix and match the colors to make them festive for Christmas.


Christmas Socks Gift Tag

Christmas Socks Gift Tag Via Mistle "Toes" Christmas Socks Gift ...
These are pretty festive, don't you think? Change the tag and give them as gifts or just wear them all yourself.


Winter White

Winter White Via Katalog 1213 - Viking of ...
These are the socks I want to wear on Christmas Eve this year. Aren't they great?


Lots of Red

Lots of Red Via Knitted DROPS Christmas socks in ...
Make your Christmas bright with socks that are red. After all, that's a classic Christmas color. You don't have to wear two different socks though...unless you want to.


Winter Themes

Winter Themes Via Turkish Socks
These socks are wintery without being too over the top for the holidays. That means you can wear them all winter long while still looking festive.


All the Reindeers

All the Reindeers Via DROPS Christmas: Knitted DROPS socks ...
One reindeer is nice, but all of them on your socks is even better.


Nontraditional Colors

Nontraditional Colors Via S O C K S
Pink and black aren't customary Christmas colors, but this pair of socks looks pretty holiday worthy to me. Cute, right?


Colorful Holiday Socks

Colorful Holiday Socks Via CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SOCKS by SailingKnitter ...
Wouldn't these socks put a smile on your face anytime you saw them? They're colorful and festive!


Brown and White

Brown and White Via Knitted DROPS socks with reindeer ...
It might be the time of year when red and green are everywhere, but this pair of socks looks pretty great too.


His and Hers Socks

His and Hers Socks Via patonsyarns.com
Share Christmas with your significant other by wearing a pair of matching themed socks. Adorable!


Bright Red

Bright Red Via Knitting
Nothing says Christmas like a pair of bright red socks. These are fabulous, aren't they?


Crochet Elf Slippers

Crochet Elf Slippers Via Elf Slippers pattern by Linda ...
Not only are these cute socks red and green for Christmas, but they'll also let you get in touch with your inner elf.


Inspired by Santa

Inspired by Santa Via Julesokker med "pelskant"
Who wouldn't want to wear these cute socks? They look like they came from the jolly guy himself.

Do you pull out all of your themed holiday socks when Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season is upon us? I do! My feet need to be warm and I can be festive at the same time. Even if I'm the only one who ever sees them. Which pair on this list is your favorite?

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