The 9 Things All Girls Love to See Men Wear ...

By Emily

The 9 Things All Girls Love to See Men Wear ...

A guy with style is a guy that girls notice 👀 There are many ways to rock a wardrobe, but there are a few staple pieces that any guy can pull off to make us girls swoon. Here's some that we found.

1 Nice Shoes👞

footwear, shoe, boot, leather, leg, Girls love shoes. So when a guy takes the time to have a nice pair, we tend to notice. Footwear can be the easiest way to express personality as well. From sleek leather boots to a laid back pair of sneakers, it’s an important part of a guy’s wardrobe.

2 The Plain White Tee

white, clothing, footwear, spring, fashion, Nothing is more laid back or sexier than a plain, well fitted white t-shirt. These should be a staple in any guy’s wardrobe. Whether they are paired with a pair of jeans or under a blazer, any man can rock the white tee.

3 Watches

clothing, jacket, plaid, pattern, blazer, There’s something about seeing a good watch ⏱on a guy’s wrist that is super attractive. It is, after all, one of the first things you notice if you shake their hand. And maybe we just like an excuse to look at their arms.

4 Well-fitted Jeans👖

red, telephone booth, street, pedestrian, Any guy can pick up a pair of jeans and throw them on. But we notice when a guy takes the time to find THE pair of jeans. The pair that fits in all the right places but aren’t too tight, either. The just right pair is sure to make an impact.

5 Blazers

white, clothing, spring, fashion, season, Who doesn’t like a guy who looks a little professional? When a guy wears a blazer or sport jacket, he looks pulled together. They can be dressed up or down, cuffed at the elbow or not. Either way, they always look great.

6 Hats

clothing, black, denim, leather, jacket, Hats 🎩 are great accessories, and any guy is bound to find one that will fit his style. From beanies to baseball caps and all that’s in between, they are a great addition that us girls tend to notice.

7 Flannel

white, black, clothing, footwear, leather, Anybody who says they don’t like a guy in flannel is lying. No, but we do love it, because any guy can pull it off! It gives off a rugged, manly vibe that we can’t get enough of.

8 Athletic Wear

color, white, black, clothing, road, We aren’t talking about the super baggy sweats here, but seeing a guy in track pants and a hoodie always gives a good impression. It shows that he appreciates fitness (or at least tries to) 👟

9 Confidence😎

clothing, outerwear, formal wear, gentleman, jacket, Okay, so this is a super cheesy one that has nothing to do with wardrobe, but it’s probably the most important thing on this list! If a guy is confident, then what they’re wearing doesn’t matter nearly as much.

These are just a few things that most girls like to see guys wear 😍 Have any other thoughts or comments?? Let us know!!

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The skinny jeans are not attractive on a man, joggers are fine for athletic wear, but I want to see a manly man not a little boy. The last picture was the best!

I agree with every single one of these,but nothing is sexier then a man in a leather jacket

Skinny jeans are big no no for me. Fitted? Absolutely. Skinny and rolled up (shoes with no socks)? Gross

Confidence is most important but too much of it is arrogance ;)

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