7 Times when You Shouldn't Wear a Thong ...


7 Times when You Shouldn't Wear a Thong ...
7 Times when You Shouldn't Wear a Thong ...

Yes, thongs are sexy. However, they're not meant to be worn every single day. Sometimes, you should swap them out for something more comfortable. According to Cosmopolitan, you shouldn't wear a thong on these occasions:

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You're Planning to Wear Your Workout Clothes All Day

You don't want to wear a thong while exercising, and then keep it on for the rest of the day. "It can foster bacterial growth that disrupts your vagina's healthy balance." Make sure you have an extra pair of underwear with you.


You're Wearing a Short Skirt

If your skirt is so short that your actual booty ends up pressed against chairs, then you don't want a thong on. Why? When you sit on a public seat, like a bus, "you could sweep up bacteria and viruses."


You're Prone to Yeast or Bacterial Vaginal Infections

You don't want to get a urinary tract infection. They're not any fun.


You're Going Swimsuit Shopping

You don't want to get germs on you from the last women who tried on the swimsuit. That's why you should wear underwear that covers you up a bit more when trying on swimsuits.


You're Skipping Your Daily Shower

Daily washing with gentle soap can help reduce skin and vaginal infections."


You're Sick

"Your immune system is already compromised." That means it'll be easier for you to get an infection.


You're Leaking

"When even a few drops of acidic urine hangs out in the crotch of tight-fitting thongs, it could irritate sensitive skin and cause a rash."

Do you prefer wearing thongs or another type of underwear?

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I always wear thongs, to me they are the most comfortable I'm so use to them now when I try to wear regular panties they drive me crazy!

It is weird, to me sexy underwear are my cheeky panties and ones with more coverage. My everyday, work, exercise underwear are all thongs! Haha!

I wear them most of the time except when I know ppl might see me in my underwear, working out, and on period

I've tried thongs once or twice but couldn't stand them! Haha

Wear thongs everyday any season at all times!!!!

I've noticed that I tend to wear thongs during the spring/summertime. I rarely wear them during the fall/winter. It's really odd.

I cannot stand thongs anymore. That's all I wore for years and now cheeky and boy shorts are my go-to's! VS even has "no show" panties so I haven't had to wear a thong in awhile. :)

Thing camando or g-string sometimes cheeky with jeans or if I am sleeping with just under ware aha but mostly thongs and g's

Thongs are the most comfortable underwear, in my opinion. You never have to worry about picking your ass because your underwear ran up. However I do agree with everything on this article. I can't help but crack up (no pun intended) when girls wear thongs at the gym. Do they not realize that we can see the outline of your sweat!

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