7 Ways to Look Good in a Bikini ...


7 Ways to Look Good in a Bikini ...
7 Ways to Look Good in a Bikini ...

Uh-oh, it's bikini season and we all know what that means-but don't worry, because there are many ways to look good in a bikini! It might feel like it's time to feel embarrassed and ugly, right? No! Never! Bikini shopping is probably one of the most dreaded things for women, but it doesn't have to be. I have your guide right here for 7 ways to look good in a bikini. All tried and true methods! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read this article, then head out to buy yourself a bikini with confidence, and then WEAR it with confidence. It will never do you any good just sitting in your dresser drawers. Besides, you wouldn't want to waste money, would you?

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The Skin You're in

It's important to pay attention to your skin before you don that bikini and hit the beach. You don't want to forget to remove unwanted hair! There are many hair removal options available, so choose one that works for you. Shaving, waxing, Nair lotion and tweezing are just a few. Also, remember to exfoliate your skin and apply lotion. You don't want dry, flaky, scaly skin in a bikini! That would not be a pretty sight! Don't forget your underarms!


Get on Your Glow

Yes, we all know that one of the purposes of wearing a bikini is to get some sun. But one of the ways to look good in a bikini is by making sure you have a LITTLE bit of a glow before you hit the beach. So whether you go to a tanning bed, lay out in your own backyard or use a bronzing lotion, make sure you do something! You will be so glad you did.


Tone up

This is one step that you can't put off till the last minute. Most women start their "bikini body plan" early on in the year. You don't need to have an unrealistic goal, but it's always nice to shed a few pounds before you put on that bikini! Start cutting back on calories and hitting up the gym a few times a week before bikini season starts. You will be so glad you did, and I know all your hard work will pay off!


Size Matters

One of the very best ways to look good in a bikini is by making sure it's the right size and fit. Try it on before you buy it, but always try it on again in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Walk, sit, stand, bend over and reach in it. You want to make sure it covers everything it's supposed to! Also check for lumps and bumps and bulges that shouldn't be there. Sagging and puckering are also bad signs!


Start Stylin'

Another way to look good in a bikini is by making sure you pick the correct style for your body type. If you have thick legs, skip the boy shorts. If you are a bit overweight, go for a string bikini. If you want to look shorter, or be more modest, try a tankini. And if you ant to make your legs look longer, pick a high cut bikini. It's all in the cut and style of your bathing suit!



Did you know that one of the ways to look good in a bikini is by accessorizing the right way? The right sunglasses, bag, cover-up and shoes can make a huge fashion statement and give you more confidence. An accessory you don't see often on the beach that is really unique and cute is bangle bracelets! Wooden thick ones, thin bronze ones, brightly colored ones-whatever your taste is, indulge it! Have fun and go a little crazy, after all it is summer time!


Watch Your Posture

When on a beach, one of the best methods to look good in a bikini is to watch your posture. Of course, slumping and slouching never looks very attractive, but it's a lot more noticeable and prominent when you have on a bikini. Clothes hide a multitude of things, posture being one of them! Wear that bikini with confidence! Don't feel anything less than your beautiful self out there!

I know that wearing a bikini or even shopping for one can be intimidating. But with these great ways to look good in a bikini, you've got this all covered! Don't let anyone make you feel inferior or less than beautiful when you get out there on that beach! Shine baby, shine! You always do anyway! Do you have any other tips to share?

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Great read! Nothing drastic has to be done to "fit" in a bikini; all is simple and doable. And definitely take time to plan and don't hit the gym a week before you are to strut your stuff. lol Eat healthily and do a little walk around the neighborhood after dinner. :)

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