8 Tips for Shopping Online Sales ...


8 Tips for Shopping Online Sales ...
8 Tips for Shopping Online Sales ...

There are many tips for shopping online that will help you get the most bang for your buck. The thing about online shopping that I find the most daunting is the sheer amount of choices out there. And when online sales are involved – Boxing Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday – where do you even begin? Make shopping the sales a breeze with the following tips for online shopping.

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Do Your Research

One of the first tips for shopping online sales is to do your research. Start with a rough idea of what it is you want to buy and find out the stores that are best suited to your needs. If you know exactly what you’re after then it’ll be easier to search and compare items to find the best deal possible.


Compare, Compare, Compare!

The handy thing with online shopping is that it allows you to compare a range of different items and prices at the click of a button. You no longer have to hurry back and forth between stores to check out prices. Try using shopping comparison sites to check out deals from different stores. When you’re entering search terms, also try using synonyms (like “coat” for “jacket” or “trousers” for “pants) to bring up more results.


Know Your Measurements

Whether you’re buying clothing or furniture, always check your measurements! It’ll help minimise a lot of heartbreak and returns later down the track. For clothing, always check your measurements against size guides to ensure the best fit. For other things like furniture and appliances, checking measurements is a good way to ensure that you have enough room to house your new bargain buys.


Be Alert

There always seems to be some kind of sale or deal going on in the online shopping universe. Whether it’s a flash sale or secret sale – you’re bound to get a deal at most times of the year if you know where to look. That’s where subscribing to mailing lists or alerts come in handy. They may clog up your email inbox but if you’re serious about your sale shopping, this will ensure that you’re the first to know about all the best sales.


Know Your Promo

Promo codes are the icing on the cake when it comes to online shopping. However, when you’re using promo codes, always check the fine print. They often have expiry dates or limitations, so knowing the ins and outs of promo codes will save you a lot of hassle or disappointment at the check out.


Check Shipping Fees

That massive discount can easily be cancelled out if you’re stuck with huge shipping costs. Around sale time, many of the major online stores will offer up free shipping in some form or another. It could be they offer free shipping all the time or with orders over a certain amount. Do your research and check out the shipping fees for online stores to see which ones you’re the most happy with.


Notice Delivery Deadlines

Around the Christmas and New Year period, it pays to research the delivery deadlines for online stores. For example, to receive an item by Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you’ll often have to put your order in by a certain date. If your online shopping order has a long way to travel, this tip becomes especially important!


Know Your Return Policy

Sometimes, when an item is on sale, stores will have a no returns policy. The thing with online shopping is that unless you know exactly what it is that you want, down to the very last detail, there’s always the chance that when it arrives, you won’t be entirely happy with it. Check to see if they offer returns, replacements, or even free return delivery!

My favourite thing about shopping the online sales is avoiding the crowds. Because let’s face it, when there are major discounts involved, sometimes shopping can get nasty. Are you a fan of online shopping or do you prefer the experience of shopping in store? Do you have any tips for shopping the online sales?

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there are sites called ebates and bonus shop or something..where if you go through those site, you get a little cash back.. like 5%..so if you are a massive online shopper...go for it...they will add up to something :)

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