8 Tips for Storing Your Clothes That Work like a Charm ...


8 Tips for Storing Your Clothes That Work like a Charm ...
8 Tips for Storing Your Clothes That Work like a Charm ...

Storing your clothes properly can help keep them in the best condition for as long as possible. When storing your clothes, there are lots of things to consider, such as ventilation and light. Whether you’re putting clothes into your wardrobe or packing them away for the season, you want to make sure that they’ll look just as great when you pull them out next. Take a look at these tips for storing your clothes.

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Keep It Clean

When storing your clothes, always make sure that you properly clean them beforehand. Making sure that they’re properly cleaned will ensure that they’re in good condition when you pull them out again. If stains or marks aren’t properly taken care of, they could possibly get worse in storage. This tip can apply to both storing your clothes in wardrobes and dressers as well as storing them away for months at a time.


Repairs and Maintenance

Regularly inspect your clothes to see if they require any repairs or maintenance. That way, you can fix a problem at the beginning and before it gets any worse. Getting this done sooner rather than later will also ensure that the clothing gets worn. Otherwise, you’re just left with a faulty garment taking up precious space in your wardrobe or storage unit.


Know when to Fold

To keep your clothes looking their best, make sure you know when to hang or fold things. For clothes that crease easily, hanging them in your wardrobe would be the best option. However, for things like knitwear that stretch easily, you’re probably better off folding them flat rather than hanging them upright in your wardrobe. When you’re storing your clothes away for the season, make sure you fold them neatly so you won’t get any odd creases when you unpack them a few months later.


Keep It Dry

If you’re storing your clothes away for long periods of time, make sure they’re placed in a clean, dry container. Any moisture can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. When storing your clothes, make use of desiccants that will help soak up any excess moisture and keep your clothes fresh.


Leave Some Space

Ventilation is important when it comes to storing clothes. While we may be tempted to cram as much stuff as possible into our wardrobes or storage containers, this can have a negative effect on our clothes. Making sure that clothes are stored loosely means that air can circulate between them, allowing for better ventilation.


Lights out

When you’re storing clothes, make sure you do so in a dark, clean place. Too much light can fade clothing and attract insects, which is definitely something you want to avoid when storing clothes!


Streamline Hangers

Streamlining your hangers can have several effects. For starters, having all the same hangers will instantly neaten up your wardrobe and make it look more organised. It also helps with storage since all hangers are level, meaning it’ll be easier to see all your clothes. While wooden hangers look fancy, slim felt or velvet hangers take up a lot less space and are excellent non-slip options.


Get Padding

Tissue paper and padding can come in handy when storing your clothes. When storing delicate items on hangers, make sure that the hangers are properly padded. You can also use tissue paper and clean cotton fabrics to wrap up any clothing for storage. Make sure that all paper is acid-free, too.

These are just a few tips for storing your clothes. Are you an organised neat-freak or does your wardrobe resemble more of a floordrobe? What top tips do you have for storing your clothes?

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