10 Tips on How to Build Your Wardrobe ...


10 Tips on How to Build Your Wardrobe ...
10 Tips on How to Build Your Wardrobe ...

How To Build A Wardrobe that is functional, cute, comfortable and fashion forward can be a little tricky but it's not impossible! Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved clothes and shoes and accessories-basically, anything to do with fashion! My favorite thing about knowing how to build a wardrobe is having fun mixing and matching pieces to create a unique style all my own and I have to say I have a lot of experience doing it! If you are looking for some tips on how to build a wardrobe, keep reading because you have just stumbled onto the holy grail!

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Start with Neutrals

When it comes to fashion, color is great! But you need to make sure you have plenty of neutral colors in your closet as well. Neutral colors include black, brown, white, tan, camel, navy, gray and cream. With these neutrals, you can build an outfit and add one or two pops of color here and there. Neutrals are great choices for work clothing or for a bag, coat or shoes.


Learn to Layer

Knowing how to build a wardrobe means that you know how to layer effectively. Layering adds personality and character to your outfits. Plus, it helps you transition easily from night to day. Some ideas for layering include tanks under t-shirts, camisoles under blazers, or collared shirts under vests. Be creative!


Clear out Your Closet

Updating and cleaning out your closet is a crucial part of knowing how to build a wardrobe. Toss out or donate items that are worn out, outdated or no longer fit you. Replace items that show signs of wear such as piling, stretched-out sweaters and tops, or faded spots on dresses and jeans. Looking fashion forward means looking top-notch!


Get Your Basics

Every good wardrobe has a few basics in it. Basics are items that you wear often, and can be easily mixed and matched with the other pieces in your closet. Basics include a pair of great jeans, a white button up shirt, black pumps, a little black dress, a neutral blazer, a cardigan, flats in a neutral color, a pencil skirt, a pair of dress slacks, a few statement pieces of jewelry. A great bag, a perfect coat, and a dinner date dress. You will be glad you have these basics on hand!


Avoid Trendy Items

Trends are fun and cool to play around with, but knowing how to build a wardrobe means knowing that you shouldn't spend to much money on trendy items. One or two trendy items to mix it up every now and then can be fun, but trends come and go and you don't want to constantly need to update your wardrobe with trends that come and go. Stay updated, but know the difference between styles and trends.


Make Sure You Have Balance

A wardrobe made up entirely of jeans and t-shirts or entirely of blazers and fitted pencil skirts won't do you very much good. The best advice I can give you on how to build a wardrobe is to make sure you have a balanced selection in your closet. A good balance includes casual attire, casual dress attire, work attire, dress attire and formal attire.


Consider Your Lifestyle

When choosing the pieces to hang in your closet and learning how to build a wardrobe, consider your lifestyle. Do you have a desk job? Do you attend many formal functions? Does your day to day life include small children or require you to be very active? What are your social habits? These are all things to think about when buying clothes and accessories.


Incorporate Personality

While your job or lifestyle may require a certain dress standard, alway remember to incorporate some personality into your sense of style. There is no need to be boring or try and clone someone else's style exactly. Be yourself! Add personal touches to your outfits.


Check the Fit

When learning how to build a wardrobe, don't make the mistake of thinking a little bit of snugness or looseness in a garment will be "ok". Part of being fashion forward means having all your clothes fit your body well and flatter your form! Find a good tailor or seamstress to let out or take in garments that aren't the proper fit. This will be the best thing you can do!


Don't Be a Slave

Whatever you do. Don't ever become a slave to anything fashion related. Don't become a slave to color, a slave to trends or a slave to boring fashion. Mix it up, keep it cool, and above all, have fun with it! Fashion is meant to be enjoyed, not dreaded or mistreated.

If you plan to spend your time and money on new clothes, you will definitely want to make it worth your while. With these tips on how to build a wardrobe you can be sure you will get the benefits! Knowing How To Build A Wardrobe is a great advantage. Not only can you keep your own closet on it's toes, but you can help family and friends learn how to build a wardrobe as well!

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Clearing out the closet is important because this is where you will get confused. Get rid of all those clothes you hardly wear or intend to wear when you get back in shape. Frankly speaking that day will never come :)

Beautiful post my fashionista! :) I have a problem with falling into trends. And hardly ever think of what I like myself! Thanks for this post, your clearly defined to be yourself when it comes to your own creativity with clothing! This article should also be in the lifestyle section on allwomenstalk :D It seems to apply to me in that type of subject as well, anyways these tips were very helpful, I will try to mix it up a bit <3 xoxo -Theo.

Agree with these! I'm in fact starting to "refresh" my closet once more. It's in dire need of color! I have so many neutrals :D

I am TERRIBLE at holding onto things for far too long...but I love to make crafts and accessories out of old fabrics, maybe a flower to wear in my hair or to pin on a purse, I've also made little wallets, scarfs, and even fabric inspired neclaces! My problem is that I hold onto things much more than I actually re-use them lol, I need to work on that. Great post!

I love the idea of dressing for life style and personality. We at Girls Best Friend and Co assist women in creating a flattering wardrobe that express the essence of her true character.

Thank you so much =) that really helped <3 i have a question, what do u do to publish your own articles??

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