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7 Tips on How to Find the Best Clothing Deals ...

By Alicia

We all want to know how to find the best clothing deals. After all, when we do that, it means we can buy even more clothes and who doesn’t want that? I love to look fashionable but I don’t want to spend a fortune. You would seriously be shocked how little I pay for outfits I wear; it is not unusual for me to have an outfit on that cost less than $25, with the exception of shoe costs. I have learned how to find the best clothing deals and am sharing my secrets with you.

1 Shop at the Back of the Store

When you go shopping, go to the back of the store and work your way forwards. When you do this, you will usually find yourself smack dab in the clearance section which is where the lowest prices are. In the middle of the store, you will usually find clothes that are on a regular sale. Near the front, you will find the regular priced clothing. I never pay full price for a clothing item unless I need it for an occasion. Following this strategy is one the ways how to find the best clothing deals.

2 Shop off Season

Another tip I follow is to shop off season. I buy a lot of winter clothing when spring comes and a lot of summer clothing when it is fall. You can get things 75% off or more when you do this. I cannot tell you how many cute tops I have paid less than ten dollars for this way. I do this with my kids clothing, too. You save oodles of money shopping off season.


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3 Use Coupons and Promo Codes

There are tons of coupons you can use to save money in stores. You can use promo codes when you shop online. If you don’t have a promo code, search for one online. If I shop online, I have a promo code or I don’t shop. A lot of websites offer them to you on their home page to make it easier for you. Combining shopping sales with coupons and promo codes will save you even more.

4 Use Loyalty Programs

I love stores that love me. Stores that offer me loyalty programs will make me a loyal customer. Loyalty programs make you feel like you are special and they sucker me in every time. But the truth is that you can get some awesome deals by using a loyalty program. One loyalty program that I love is the Maurices Take Ten Program. After you spend a certain amount, you get $10 off your next purchase.

5 Shop Consignment and Yard Sales

I have absolutely nothing against used clothing. You have to sort through a lot of rejects to find the jewels but sometimes you do. I am not a huge yard sale girl but if I know someone who is having a yard sale and I like their style, I am there. Sometimes I get lucky enough to ask if I can go through their stuff before the yard sale. The key with consignment shops is to find one that sells quality clothing and is a fit for your style.

6 Have a Clothes Swap

A clothes swap is a wonderful way to get clothing for absolutely free. Get a bunch of your girlfriends together for one and go to town with it. You all bring clothing and accessories that you don’t want any longer and trade them for absolutely no money. Everyone goes home with different clothing that is new to them. It is like borrowing off of a girlfriend but you never have to give the items back.

7 Shop Thoughtfully

Shop carefully. Think about what pieces of clothing you can purchase that will give you the most use. You may love a trendy little top that is overpriced but you could get a solid t and a gorgeous scarf you love equally as much for half of the price. Learning how to cut corners in order to get the best prices on clothing is important. Solids are helpful in this aspect. Mixing and matching are too.

There are many tips you can use to get the best prices on clothing. How do you do this? It is your turn to share tips!

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