7 Tips on How to Wear White in Winter ...


If you’re planning on going light and bright once the cold weather hits, you’ll need to know how to wear white in winter. Done right, you’ll look as gorgeous as a snowflake drifting through the frigid air. But one misstep and your ensemble will make every worst-dressed list. With these 7 simple tips, you’ll shine on all winter long. Are you ready to prove to grandma that crisp white getups aren’t just for summer?

1. Keep It Chunky

Keep It Chunky

The first way to wear white this winter is to invest in a chunky sweater. You’ll be oh-so-cozy in this warm white piece, especially if you choose to pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and leather riding boots. Now all you need is a steaming cup of hot cocoa!

Black and White is Beautiful
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