7 Tips to Dress for a Wedding ...


7 Tips to Dress for a Wedding ...
7 Tips to Dress for a Wedding ...

Tips to dress for a wedding: this time of year, with a wedding every weekend, they're sure to come in handy! Everyone loves a good wedding: the beautiful bride, the happy tears, the cake (I’m a particular fan of that last one!). But often, picking out the right outfit for the occasion can be troublesome. Not only do you want to look great on your loved one’s special day, you also want to make sure you don’t unwittingly infringe on any unspoken nuptial traditions. Wedding etiquette comprises myriad confusing rules and conventions, and navigating these can be tricky. Luckily, however, help is at hand. I’ve done some research and chatted to a few people in the know in order to put together this list of 7** tips dress for a wedding**.

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Gauge the Formality

To begin with, you want to inspect the wedding invite in order to ascertain the dress code. Most of the time, the couple will specify whether you should be formal, semi-formal or casual. Sometimes, however, you might find that the info you’re after has been omitted. In these cases, the style of the invitation itself should give you a clue as to the level of formality, as will the venue. If you’re really lost, call up the maid of honour (sometimes it’s best not to bother the bride!) and ask her.


Be Seasonal

When you’re organising your outfit for a wedding, make sure you take the time of year into account. If it’s spring, for example, go for lighter fabrics and paler colours. Think linens and beautiful nearly-sheer cottons, and experiment with flirty shifts, wide-legged trousers or classic shirt dresses. Usually, a wedding is planned to coincide with a certain season and as a guest, it’s a good idea to get into the swing of things. This tip to dress for a wedding is actually my favorite... it's fun to dress seasonally!


Consider the Venue

Depending on the kind of service the couple has opted for, you might find yourself sitting still for a considerable length of time. If the ceremony is being held outside – on a beach, for example – or in a big, old building like a church or a synagogue, it is always good idea to bring an extra layer. Even in summer, you’re bound to feel the chill after a while and if you’re shivering, you certainly won’t be able to enjoy the occasion.


Come to the Party

Always take care to obey any specific instructions regarding dress code. If the couple has themed the wedding, and this requires you to model your outfit on a certain concept, it is good manners to ‘come to the party,’ so to speak, and dress accordingly.


White: the Bone of Contention

There is always a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not it is good manners to wear white to a wedding. Traditionally, in the past it has been considered bad etiquette; today the rules are a little more flexible. If you’re in any doubt, however, experts suggest you steer clear of white: it’s safer not to risk offending the bride on her big day. Definitely a consideration point this year, as white is such a hot color: heed this tip to dress for a wedding!


Make the Effort

Regardless of whether you’re attending a formal wedding, or one that requires you to sit barefoot and cross legged on the shore at sunset, it is always a good idea to take some time to ensure that you are beautifully groomed and looking well put together. Get a mani-pedi in honour of the special occasion, have your hair done or buy a new makeup palette: it doesn’t matter what the specifics of the dress code require, the key to successful wedding attire is establishing a sense of considered elegance.


Remember the Reception

Before making a final decision regarding what to wear to the wedding, you should always ask yourself whether the option you have in mind will be comfortable at the reception as well as the ceremony. Remember, you will more than likely be eating several courses; this means your outfit should be cut to accommodate an after-dinner bulge. In addition, you’ll want to make sure your frock is the kind of thing you can dance in: no wedding experience is complete until you’ve spent a few hours rocking out to cheesy classics from your childhood.

Getting your wedding clothes organised can be trickier than you might initially imagine: when it comes to this sort of occasion, it is important that you follow the established rules carefully. This list of 7 tips to dress for a wedding should get you safely on the right track: do you have any suggestions to add? What tips to dress for a wedding do you always follow?

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