7 Tips on Dressing up for a Holiday Party ...


7 Tips on Dressing up for a Holiday Party ...
7 Tips on Dressing up for a Holiday Party ...

The holidays are upon us and with so many festive gatherings this time year, deciding what to wear to each event is no small feat. If you are on the hunt for ways to put together the perfect holiday party ensemble, look no further! Here are some of my most invaluable tips on How to Dress up for a Holiday Party.

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Focus on Fit

No matter how you will be dressing up for your holiday parties this season, the single most important factor to a successful outfit is good fit. Do justice to your shape with the right silhouette, hemline, and overall garment structure - if you need help, a good tailor can be a girl’s best friend.


Add the Right Accessories

From black-tie to dressed-up denim, great accessories can take your holiday party look to the next level. Highlight a low neckline with a statement necklace, draw attention to your face with dramatic earrings, or compliment a sleeveless look with a cuff bracelet. Oh, and don’t forget your clutch!


Absolutely do Sparkle

Tis the season for glamour and what better way to dress up for a holiday party than by adding some sparkle! Think sequins, beading and bling for a stand-out look ideal at a festive event. Just remember, a little embellishment goes a long way, so moderation is key.


Play with Color

I love wearing black, but the truth is that colorful clothing, accessories or shoes can add instant drama and strong visual appeal to your party look. For best results, balance a splash of color with neutral pieces, and opt for must-have jewel-tones - they are sexy, flattering, and impossibly cool for any event.


Consider the Climate

Between the snow, sleet and rain it can be challenging for even the most fashionable of women to dress up and trek bravely out into the winter weather. Instead of fighting the elements, pair your holiday party look with a cozy scarf, chic flat boots, and an envy-inducing wool coat. You’ll be warm and fashionable!


Being Comfortable is Crucial

So much of looking good is feeling good. Ensure you are radiant at every party you attend by wearing clothing and footwear that is comfortable, appropriate, and well-tailored. Not only will you look great throughout the evening, but you will be able to focus all your attention on having a blast.


Complete Your Look with Hair and Make-up

Smooth tresses and appropriate make-up are a must when dressing up for a holiday party. The best part? Have fun with it! Treat yourself to an up-do, add a sultry red lip, or go for that smoky eye you have been dying to try. Either way, do not underestimate the power of beautifully done hair and make-up.

Dressing up for a holiday party and truly looking fabulous is well within your reach. Just add a bright smile, a great attitude, a few of my favorite style tips, and you will be fierce and fashionable for every event this season. What are your favorite tips for dressing up for a holiday party?

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The past holiday season was the first time all year I donned a skirt -- with sparkles, no less!

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