7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Swimsuit ...


7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Swimsuit ...
7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Swimsuit ...

If you dread hitting the beach, these tips to help you choose the right swimsuit will put an end to your groans. How many of you have carried a seemingly perfect swimsuit to the dressing room only to find that it highlights your belly bulge and makes your legs look ten times larger? Just so you know, it’s happened to me one too many times. So before you pick up that itsy bitsy bikini, here are 7 simple tips to help cut the stress out of finding the right suit. Who’s ready to dive in?

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Phone a Friend

They saved me from acid wash jeans and midriff-baring tube tops. With that said, I know I can trust my girls to give me some helpful swimsuit tips…or a reality check. Just be prepared to bid adieu to that barely there bikini.


Feel Good, Look Good

If you just devoured a pint of ice cream and feel totally bloated/insecure/slightly ill, now’s probably not the time to try on bikinis. But it’s the perfect time to splurge on summer shoes (read: instant pick-me-ups).


Take Care of Things down under

As in, wear a thong, even if you usually stick to briefs. Because chances are, you’ll be asked to don undies when trying on swimsuits…and no one wants to see your panties in a bunch.


Go for the Fabric Gold

A nylon/spandex blend is swimsuit royalty. Nylon is super slimming, dries in a flash, and holds its shape after continued wear. A bit of spandex will provide extra hold. I feel like a sea queen already!


Embellishments Matter

As someone who wants a little oomph on top, I always head straight for the sequins, buttons, and prints. These will add to your chest in a cinch. Or if you happen to be a busty gal, go for a darker halter top, minus the trappings. It’ll hold you in without adding extra baggage. The same rules apply for bottoms: accents and side ties will help you fake curves while plain-Jane ones will work wonders at hiding problem areas.


Lengthen Your Legs

If you’re like most of us, you can afford to stand taller. So, ditch the boy shorts in favor of high-cut bottoms. Now that’s a swimsuit tip we can raise our legs to!


If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

Calling all curvy girls: don’t hide in a suit that looks like one of your grandmother’s castaways. Instead, choose to highlight one of your major assets with a plunging neckline or high-cut leg on a ruched one piece. Ruching will camouflage belly fat, making you look even more fabulous!

With these tips, you’ll find the right swimsuit for your body in no time. Which of these tips will you try this season? Or do you have another trick to finding the perfect suit? Let us know…after all, we’re swimming together on this one!

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