9 Tips to Help You Sign with a Modeling Agency ...


9 Tips to Help You Sign with a Modeling Agency ...
9 Tips to Help You Sign with a Modeling Agency ...

If you want to sign with a modeling agency, then there are a few pointers you will need to know. It's great if you were born with outstanding features or incredible height but that isn't always enough to get signed, especially to a larger agency. Modeling is hard work, like any other profession and if it's something you seriously want to pursue it's a good idea to be prepared. Check out my top tips on how to sign with a modeling agency and prepare to turn your dream into an attainable reality this year.

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Be Natural

If you want to sign with a modeling agency be as close to your natural self as possible. Some of your unique features may actually help you stand apart from the rest of the potential talent hoping to sign. When you go to your first meeting, wear as little makeup as possible because agents will want to see your skin. Also, be sure to wear your hair down. If you don't go without makeup often, practice going out in public a few times so you can get comfortable in your own skin before meeting with potential agencies.


Agents are often searching for models who can represent a variety of looks and styles. By presenting your most natural self, you leave room for their imagination to consider the numerous possibilities of your potential. Dress in simple, form-fitting clothing to showcase your body shape, as agencies are keen on understanding your silhouette for different types of modeling work. Remember, confidence is key, so embrace your natural beauty and own it when you step into the room. Your authenticity could very well be your golden ticket in the competitive modeling world.


Be Healthy

The other day I read an article about the regimen of Victoria Secret models. Because their job is to look great, they work hard at eating clean and working out regularly. I also read an article from the casting director of the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show and she shared something interesting. She said that they don't look for the skinniest models, they want the models to be healthy. Health isn't something you can fake. You can tell if a person is genuinely healthy from their eyes, the glow in their skin and more. If you want to model professionally, shift your mindset from having to be thin to being as fit as possible.


Be Realistic

Usually when I talk to aspiring models they immediately cling to the idea of being the next Kate Moss. Why Kate? Because she is only 5'7 and has had a successful career as a supermodel. Let's be realistic ladies. Yes, it's possible that can happen but is is probable? There are plenty of categories for modeling that you may fall into, not just runway modeling. If you are under 5'8 you can find work in fitness, lifestyle, glamour and print. Also, if you aren't in shape you need to take yourself and your goal seriously and get in shape. If your goal is to work as a plus size model, that category has specific requirements as well.


Realistic expectations are essential when it comes to pursuing a modeling career. It is true that many models have become successful after starting out with a smaller stature, such as Kate Moss, but it is not the only route to success. There are many other categories of modeling that are available to aspiring models, such as fitness, lifestyle, glamour, and print. Additionally, aspiring models need to take their goals seriously and get in shape if they want to become successful. Plus size models have specific requirements and expectations that must be met in order to be successful in that category.

Furthermore, it is important for aspiring models to understand that the modeling industry is highly competitive and there are no guarantees of success. It is important to keep in mind that even though there are many modeling agencies available, there is no guarantee that any one of them will accept you. Even if you do get accepted, it is essential to understand that you may not get the kind of work that you want right away.


Do Your Research

Many ladies want to sign with a top agency, not realizing that they will probably end up as a "wall girl". What's a wall girl? A wall girl is when you sign a contract, get your portfolio on the agencies' site for others to see but rarely go out for work. Sure, it may feel great to be able to say that you are signed with a specific agency but ultimately your goal should be to work professionally. So take some time to research the different agencies in your area. Often a smaller boutique agency will have more to offer you, especially if you are just starting out.


Research is crucial when it comes to signing with a modeling agency. It's important to understand the different types of agencies and what they can offer you. For example, a top agency may seem appealing, but you could end up as a "wall girl" with limited opportunities for work. On the other hand, a smaller boutique agency may provide more personalized attention and opportunities for new models. It's also important to research the reputation and success rate of the agency before signing with them. This will help you make an informed decision and increase your chances of finding success in the modeling industry.



One of the first things that agents will want to see from you if you get a meeting are your photos. Be prepared! If you go through a typical modeling school like Barbizon or Page Parkes you will walk away with a few different looks for a portfolio. But you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get images. Sign up for Model Mayhem and create a profile. From there you can search for photographers in your area and see if any of them are willing to shoot TFP or TFCD (time for prints or cd of images). If you want to get paid to take photos professionally, agents will want to see if you are photogenic.



Best Foot Forward

I noted earlier that you should be as natural as possible when meeting with agents. This is true, but don't mistake this for simply rolling out of bed and not putting any effort into your appearance. When you meet with agents you want to be well groomed. Make sure your teeth aren't stained, have fresh hair, and be sure to show your best assets off. If you have killer legs by all means wear a fabulous dress and heels to your interview. Oh, and whatever you do, don't wear perfume. You never know if the agent is allergic or just doesn't care for your favorite scent. Something as minor as this can leave a bad impression.


Interview Prep

Be prepared ladies! This is a job interview so treat it as such. Take some time to research the different agents with the agency you are meeting with. If the agency has a website, browse it and see how many models they represent and if there are any like you. Practice walking because they may ask you to walk for them. And be prepared to take a polaroid picture. You want to look as comfortable as possible in this shot. Also, think about what your long term plan is for your potential career because they may ask you about it.


Stay cool and collected. Know your strengths and how they might fit with the agency's needs. Be ready to answer questions about where you see yourself in both the near and distant future of modeling. Practice your responses so they're confident and clear. And don't forget the basics: good sleep, hydration, and a healthy meal will keep you energized and glowing. They're not just looking for a pretty face; they want to see the professional you are going to become. It's all about leaving a lasting impression that you are as serious as they are about making a successful partnership.


Be Prompt

Time is money. Make sure you are on time for your appointment ladies. This means be early if possible. It's not unusual for agencies to have you wait past your scheduled appointment time so be prepared. Make sure your meter has more than enough time in it. Don't show up hungry. Factor in time for traffic if you live in a major city. Whatever it takes, be on time.


Being prompt is not just about making a good first impression, it's about showing respect for the agency's time. Remember, these professionals have a tight schedule, and your punctuality reflects your professionalism and commitment. Always have a backup plan for transportation, and keep an eye on the clock, even the night before, to ensure nothing can make you late. Bring a book or something to occupy your time in case you have to wait. Punctuality speaks volumes before you even say a word or strike a pose. Always aim to be the model of timeliness they can rely on.



I always include this point on any post I write about dreams. If you have a dream you have to develop perseverance. I can't tell you how many people I know personally and stories I have read from celebrities who mention perseverance as a key factor in their success. You never know when the door will open for you. And with dreams, you have to face countless nos before hearing that one magical yes. Believe in your dreams and don't stop believing, ever.

I hope this post inspired you if modeling is a dream that's in your heart. This industry gets a lot of tomatoes thrown it's way because of some of the images it puts out. But I believe that it's possible to have control over your career as any type of artist, models included. If you don't believe in a project, don't accept the job. Be a face for products you believe in.

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I'm 5'2" and signed to a London agency. Even shorties can get signed! :)

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