8 Fashion Stylist Tips You Should Know ...


8 Fashion Stylist Tips You Should Know ...
8 Fashion Stylist Tips You Should Know ...

Some of the best things in life are free and that, my ladies, can be said for fashion stylist tips as well! Celebrity stylists have finally decided to let the cat out of the bag and, with so many of them revealing their secrets in newspapers and TV today, going around looking like a mess (without the “hot” part) is not an option. That’s why I’ve decided to make a list of my favorite Fashion Stylist Tips that will not only help you look as fab as your favorite celeb but stop you from wasting money on things you don’t really need!

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Choose Your Clothes According to Your Body Type

Choose Your Clothes According to Your Body Type Some things look great on plastic dolls and plastic dolls only which, of course, doesn’t mean you should give up in your search for a perfect outfit. I’m not lying to you, ladies, I’ve seen smoking hot gals turn barely average after trying something that looked amazing on a doll in the shop window. You must be aware of your flaws and your virtues and focus on clothes that will bring out only the best of your features.


Look and Feel Slim with Ultra Trendy Prints and Asymmetric Clothes

Look and Feel Slim with Ultra Trendy Prints and Asymmetric Clothes Prints are ultra popular this year and the same goes for asymmetric tunics and dresses so, if you have some extra pounds you’d like to hide, this should be very good news for you. Choose vertical patterns, prints that make you look slim and asymmetric tunics and dresses that do have some shape - remember that nobody looks good in shapeless clothes.


Belts Are a Must Have

Belts Are a Must Have Cute, eye-catching, funky, bold – a good belt is always a great investment because this simple accessory can make or break the entire outfit. But, this simple accessory does more than that – it also accents your waist making your legs appear longer and leaner. So, if you have a baggy tunic, cardigan or a simple dress, don’t think twice about it, add an interesting belt! And the next time you go shopping, remember this fashion stylist tips and pick a nice belt or two to glam up your favorite outfits.


Shop for Outfits

Shop for Outfits Don’t shop for single pieces simply because they are cheap, cute or both because you know you’ll never wear them. Shop for outfits instead and before you decide to buy some piece of clothes, try to think of at least three different outfits you can wear it with. If you follow the shoes + bag rule and could never work mismatching shoes and bag, always buy your shoes and bags together to make sure they are a perfect match.


Accessories Can save the Day

Accessories Can save the Day Anything can be a new black if you have the right accessories! You can wear purple, turquoise, navy, beige, brown or even white dress and still look like a million bucks but the only thing you must remember is to accessorize properly. A single color outfit will make you slimmer and taller so, in order to keep this flattering visual effect, and loose nothing on charm, I suggest an interesting necklace and a bracelet. A statement piece could be your secret weapon although you shouldn’t really wear more than one statement piece in the same time.


Always Wear Matching Undergarments

Always Wear Matching Undergarments The next one of my favorite, totally basic fashion stylist tips is underwear so, if you don’t want to look like a luggage, you should definitely pay attention to what you’re wearing under your clothes. Even the most minimal thongs can show if the bands are too tight and we all know that’s not a pretty sight so, before you leave your home, make sure you check yourself for underwear lines too.


Practice the Shopping Diet

Practice the Shopping Diet Popular celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch says we shouldn’t buy dresses we’ll use just ones but invest in things we can wear in many ways instead. Black, is apparently, out of the picture, so feel free to focus on different colors and make sure the dress or the skirt you’ve chosen can be accessorized to look differently each time you wear it.


Be Unique

Be Unique One of the things we all like in models is their ability to combine the most ridiculous pieces of clothes and look smoking hot in them. Why can’t we to the same? Check you closets and your favorite thrift stores because you never know what kind of treasure you might find there. Did you know a woman actually managed to find an authentic Chanel bag in a thrift store? Yup, I think she paid about 30 or 50 bucks for it! Fashion is cool, trends are cool and there is always a way to incorporate them into your style. You can be classy, modern and chic on a budget and under your terms!

Any fashion stylist tips you’d like to add? I’d say it’s all about accessorizing and making sure you not only like what you see in the mirror but remain critical enough to tell when something is obviously wrong. These mentioned above are my favorite, basic Fashion Stylist Tips that I think every woman should know so, if you missed out on any of those before, now you have them all in one place!

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I have found Chanel jackets for $5. Chanel Purses for $10 and under and a pair of like new Manolo's for $5. I love thrift storing. Just be patient. You'll eventually find that gem when you least expect it.

shopping for outfits is a great tip!

I would like to see a segment on belts

That bird t-shirt is amazing - where's it from? Thanks!

Great tips. I especially love the belt trick and using accessories!

i feel like i wrote this HAH ! i totally shop like this! This is perfectly well said!

I have a lot of cloths and dont know how to put them together to make a outfit what should I do? Please help

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