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Wearing hats is super stylish and they work for many occasions. You can wear hats for formal and casual occasions. But the right hat isn’t the same for every girl. There are some things to think about before you plop a hat on your head. After all, you don’t want to walk around sporting a hat that looks silly on you. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right hat.

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Decide What You like the Best

Above all, you should most definitely choose the hat you like best. If you love the way it looks when you wear it, don’t worry about everything else. Chances are, if you think it looks good, everyone else will too. Need more help? Here you go!


Figure out Your Face Shape

The shape of your face is one of the biggest things to think about when you decide on a hat. For example, if you have a round face, a high crowned hat will look wonderful on you. A round shaped hat is perfect for girls with a square shaped face. Try things on to find out what shape of hat fits your face best.


Consider What You Want to Buy the Hat for

Are you looking for a casual hat for an outing at the park or a fancy one for a wedding? The shape of a casual hat should be less structured and more flexible. That way it can move with you and won’t look out of place. I’m talking about an adorable fisherman’s or straw hat for casual wear versus a pillbox with a veil for a formal occasion.


Try It on and Make Sure It Fits

A hat that is too tight or too loose won’t feel or look right. I have a really tight brimmed hat that I love but can’t wear because it doesn’t feel good on my head. That’s why it’s super important to try hats on before you buy. Wear it for a few minutes and move around a bit to see how it works on your head. That way you won’t waste money on something you’ll never wear.


It Must Be Proportional

If you have a small frame, a huge hat is going to overwhelm you and make you look silly. On the other hand, a tiny hat on a tall framed person will likewise look out of place. When you choose a hat, make sure it’s proportional to your head and body size. Smaller girls can rock a fedora while a statuesque beauty can pull off a huge sunhat.


Think about Color when You Look at Hats

I’m all for fun colors in your wardrobe, but be sure the hat color you choose complements your skin tone and complexion. You want your hat to make you look fabulous, not washed out or pale. Again, it’s imperative to try hats on and see how they look on you before you buy.


The Rest of Your Closet Should Play a Role in Your Choice

What’s hanging in your closet? Think about it as you evaluate your hat choices. You don’t want to wind up with a hat that won’t pair with anything you own. Consider what you already have so that the hat you buy will make the outfit even better. That includes style, shape and color.

Do you wear hats? How do you choose the best one?

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