7 Tricks Thatll Make You Feel More Beautiful in Clothes ...

By Teresa

7 Tricks Thatll Make You Feel More Beautiful in Clothes ...

We all want to feel more confident in our clothes, but unfortunately it’s not the easiest task. Gaining confidence is tough and definitely a process. If you’re trying to gain confidence in your clothes but don’t know where to start, follow this list. You’ll notice an immediate difference just by crossing a few of these tips off your list the next time you get ready for a big event!

Table of contents:

  1. go for a heel
  2. try spanx for problem areas
  3. learn your silhouette
  4. wear styles that flatter that silhouette
  5. drink more water
  6. only buy something if you love the way it looks on you
  7. do the “superwoman” before you walk out the door

1 Go for a Heel

Go for a Heel You’ll instantly feel more beautiful if you wear a heel. I think it’s science, I’m not really sure. Just kidding! Heels accentuate your legs, make them look longer, give your butt a nice lift, so when you look in the mirror, you’ll look like a super model, and you’ll feel much more confident in your clothes!

2 Try Spanx for Problem Areas

Try Spanx for Problem Areas If there are areas on your body that you’re just really not comfortable with or wish you could change, try Spanx. Spanx will compress everything and hide any areas that you’re self-conscious about. The end result will be a svelte figure that you’ll love to look at when you walk past a mirror!

3 Learn Your Silhouette

Learn Your Silhouette Learn what your silhouette is. It will easily make shopping so much easier. It sounds silly, but learning your silhouette makes shopping fun again. Right now, you’re probably wandering around the store aimlessly trying to figure out what looks good on you when you go shopping. When you learn your silhouette, the guesswork goes out of shopping!

4 Wear Styles That Flatter That Silhouette

After you’ve learned your silhouette, you can pick clothes that look best on your silhouette. For example, some people have figures that look best in one-shoulder pieces, or v-neck, or high-neck. Whatever style looks best on you, you’ll be able to dress accordingly, and you’ll know which looks best on you.

5 Drink More Water

Drink More Water If you have to show a lot of skin soon and you’re nervous, I have a quick solution. Drink a lot of water. The water will flush out toxins and help combat bloating. More than that, though, your skin will look amazing. It will glow and look so healthy, simply because you increased your water intake. It’s a quick fix to make sure your skin looks its best without a harmful spray tan or time spent in a tanning bed!

6 Only Buy Something if You Love the Way It Looks on You

Stop buying pieces that you aren’t absolutely obsessed with. It’s much more helpful to have a closet full of pieces that you love, even if that means your closet is a little less full. When you only have beautiful clothes to choose from, you’ll instantly feel more confident in everything you’re wearing.

7 Do the “Superwoman” before You Walk out the Door

Do the “Superwoman” before You Walk out the Door If you’ve read Shonda Rhimes’s book, you’ll know what this move is! In her book, Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes talks about doing the “Superwoman.” You simply stand in front of a mirror and stand with your hands on your hips like you’re Superwoman. You’ll instantly feel more confident, and it’s great if you’re walking out the door to go to a big event!

What’s your go-to tip for feeling more confident in your clothes? Let me know what you swear by, or if you do any of these things, in the comments!

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