7 Tips for Dressing Confidently ...


7 Tips for Dressing Confidently ...
7 Tips for Dressing Confidently ...

It’s all well and good reading all about the latest fashion in magazines, but what is most useful are tips for dressing confidently. After all, there isn’t much point wearing that outfit that you’re definitely sure is the height of fashion if you aren’t comfortable in it. In my experience, if you don’t feel good, you don’t tend to look as good either. So here are seven tips for dressing confidently and looking great.

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One of my best tips for dressing confidently is to avoid becoming a fashion victim. A sure-fire way to spend the evening fidgeting and adjusting your waistband is to wear something simply because it's on-trend. If you’re a follower of fashion, then by all means try to incorporate those trends that suit you into your wardrobe – but there are some things that just won’t suit you, no matter how fashionable they might be.



In an ideal world, it would be completely acceptable for us all to wander round in our jimjams and furry slipper boots during the day. But we can’t – that’s strictly for our private lounge time. But it is important to be relatively comfortable; if you’re wearing something that actually restricts your breathing, or a dress where you’re constantly worried a gust of wind might reveal far more than you wanted, chances are you’ll spend more time thinking about your outfit than what you’re actually doing.



We all have days where we aren’t feeling very confident. Our clothes should make us feel better and enhance the things we like about ourselves. When you look in the mirror, don’t focus on the things you don’t like – make a point of picking out the things you do.



Similarly, when you’re shopping for new clothes, choose pieces that suit your figure. On some people, skinny jeans look amazing. On others, straight-leg jeans or flares look much better. Do you have great legs? Wear skirts and dresses to show them off. A tiny waist? Invest in some waist belts to cinch in tops and dresses.



In order to feel confident in what you’re wearing, it’s important to feel like you’ve dressed appropriately for the situation. So, if you have a first date coming up – wear something tried and tested, something you always feel good in. Have an important meeting at work? Wear something that says you mean business.

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Sometimes all you actually need is a bit of confidence itself. Some things – like hats, for example – can look really good. But you need a certain amount of pizzazz to pull them off. Don’t let the clothes wear you, or it’s not going to work.



Remember, at the end of the day, it’s really not what you wear that matters, but how you wear it. You need to stay true to your style and wear something that you love, and you feel confident in. If you think you look nice, and you’re smiling and happy, other people will think it too.

What we wear is important. That may sound shallow, but it’s true. Not only does it contribute to people’s first impressions of us, but it can completely change the way we feel. You know that feeling when you put on your favourite outfit and you feel ready to take on the world? Everyone should feel like that. What are your tips for dressing confidently?

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