7 Tutorials on Making Your Own Super Stylish DIY Accessories ...


7 Tutorials on Making Your Own Super Stylish DIY Accessories ...
7 Tutorials on Making Your Own Super Stylish DIY Accessories ...

DIY accessories are the best way to keep it stylish while keeping it budget friendly and fun, of course, so today, my goal is to encourage you to explore the world of stylish, loud yet cheap fashion accessories! And what better way there is to do just that then to show you a few awesome craft videos! So, check them out and let me know what you think!

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Embellished Shoulder Pads

DIY accessories can be really fierce and look even better than store-bought ones and, when you check out this video, you’ll know what I mean! So get 2 shoulder pads, invest in some fringes, beads, jewels and sequins and get sewing! The result is absolutely stunning and oh, just try to imagine how many cash this could save you!


DIY Faux Leather Clutch/Pouch

Making these awesome pouches won’t require a lot of time, a lot of money or impressive sewing skills and you’ll get a very popular, very stylish DIY accessory to take with you just anywhere. And since making these instead of buying them actually sums up to less than 10 bucks a pop, I’m sure it’s a perfect solution for all you creative but frugal fashionistas!


Oversized Envelope Clutch

So I’m watching this previous video and I’m thinking like «Okay, the slouchy pouch is really cool but an envelope clutch would be just awesome» and then, all of I sudden, I come across this video. And as much as I hate doubling tutorials, this one was just too good to miss out on! Should I say anything more? Check it out!


Vainglorious DIY Accessories

Okay, well this here isn’t exactly a «tutorial» tutorial because there aren’t any specific rules to follow or particular supplies to get but I’m absolutely sure it’s going to keep your creative juices flowing and get you to inspect your jewelry box to find some boring old pieces to dress up and wear in a brand new way!


Flowing Chain Necklace

A fierce necklace is a must-have, especially if we’re talking about something as interesting and badass as this! And it’s sooo simple and easy to do! So if you though cheap fashion accessories don’t look good, this vid will definitely prove you wrong! You can do one in silver and one in gold, for example, and you’ll have a perfect statement piece to glam up your both everyday and party outfits.


Fringe Scarf

Yaaay, fringes! I absolutely love scarves, love the way they kind of complete an outfit making it more interesting, brighter and sort of a more put together. Don’t you? Well, it’s time to make your own and, instead of just focusing on a print, you’re going to focus on texture and color! So get your shears out and find the brightest, boldest color you can because this lovely DIY accessory isn’t just something that will make your jeans + tee outfit really pop – it’s also a great piece you can color block!


Bird’s Nest Ring

The last on my list of super fabulous DIY accessories you CAN make yourself is this cool nest-shaped ring with three pearly, totally adorable eggs. Oh, don’t you just love this soft wire and all the things you could do with it? Go ahead, check it out and do experiment with different designs! After all, you can never have too many whacky statement rings!

You see! I told you - DIY accessories are really awesome and unique! So, are you ready to start experimenting with some of your own fabulously cheap fashion accessories?

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Love these! Thanks for posting :]

How do you make that shirt? That's the reason why I opened this article!

No thanks...too scraggly looking...

Lol I have seen the homeless wear these!!!! I think I will go buy theirs instead and they will make the money, they deserve it more.

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