Two Prints? No Problem Try Fall's New Fashion Trend ...


Remember when we had to worry about having everything matched perfectly? Well, those days are long gone. Now, it's cool to mix two different prints! It creates a unique sense of style and is a lot easier to create. This fall, celebrities have been embracing the trend! Take some style inspo from these A-listers:

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Blake Lively

Blake Lively Blake layered up her baby bump with a plaid shirt tucked into a pop-art skirt! Her pregnancy style so far has been adorable.



Beyonce Beyonce recently debuted super short bangs (which look incredible on her) and has been taking such wonderful fashion risks. The singer paired a polka-dot skirt with a printed top.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Jessica posed with her close pal, Rosario Dawson while wearing a polka-dot ombre skirt paired with a white floral top! You'd think these prints wouldn't work but on her, they do.

Are you a fan of the mix and matching trend?

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They all look stupid, especially Beyoncé. That wig is atrocious too.

Some prints fine, but some look so silly together. I love it when ladies looked classy. Some look just dumb.

beyonce looks like shit like always...jessica looks nice.

LMAO @ Shadeen. I totally agree.

not even a trend

That isnt cute to me…

I love this trend :)

Beyonce and Jessica nailed it. Blake not so much. It takes skill and confidence to pull off this trend

No, none of them look cute to me.

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