7 Types of Glamour ...

In this world, there are many types of glamour. Glamour and fashion have been so highly ranked and sought after that there are many magazines, books, movies, even lines of work committed and devoted to breaking down society into different categories and styles of glamour. And while they are constantly coming up with new fashions and trends to model and wear, my honest opinion is that there will always be 7 basic styles of glamour. Trends may come and go, but true glamour will always be sought after. Most likely, every woman falls into one or more of these kinds of glamour. It's not a bad thing to experience all of these in your lifetime. But it's always good to know what your go-to style of glamour is. Would you like to find out what yours is? Well, then keep reading my article on 7 types of glamour!

1. Classic Glamour

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Classic glamour is-well, just that! Classic glamour! You know the lady who always looks timeless and perfectly in style no matter what the hot trend of the moment it or what she's even wearing? Yep, that's classic glamour for you! My grandmother is definitely a classic glamour kind of lady, she always looks perfect. No matter the occasion, she looks amazing! I love the classic glamour look and I think it's very ladylike.

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