7 Ways to Look Fab in a Swimsuit ...


7 Ways to Look Fab in a Swimsuit ...
7 Ways to Look Fab in a Swimsuit ...

Oh yes, you’re thinking of a late spring or summer vacation and naturally you stand in front of the mirror in your underwear pondering on the ways to look fabulous in a swimsuit. You’ve spent the last few months – yes even through the harshest of winters – eating healthy and exercising, but you still feel you haven’t got the perfect beach body to wear some minute scraps of fabric held together with dental floss that passes as the latest bikini every beach babe will be strutting on the sand with this year. Fear not, my lovely. You are not alone! And you are beautiful, and with these ways to look fabulous in a swimsuit, you’ll be so chuffed those stubborn little flaws you know are still there won’t matter a jot. You too can be a beach babe!

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Buy Big

Buy Big The easiest one of the ways to look fabulous in a swimsuit is to wear one which fits! Not only do the bulges look unattractive, you will also feel very uncomfortable. A small suit will be bound to leave sore red marks on your body – not a good look. Nor do you want it so small your boobs spill out every which way. If you need a suit which is a size bigger than you would usually wear then don’t get in a panic and go on a crash diet. Swimwear usually runs around one or two sizes smaller than clothing. At the end of the day, it is just a number on the label – what matters is that it fits and looks fantastic.


Draw Focus to the Good

Draw Focus to the Good We’ve all got areas that we’d rather keep covered. However, when you’re on a hot beach you need to bite the bullet and bare your bikini bod. The trick is to draw focus to your assets with bold colours and jazzy patterns and then opt for darker block colours on the parts you’d rather hide.


Know Your Body

Know Your Body You know your body the best; after all, if you’re anything like me then you’d have spent hours analysing ways to make it better. Even though the fashion might be tiny string bikinis, it doesn’t mean that you have to go with it if you look better in a one piece. There are so many different styles available to suit your shape and size. You can go from fixed cups to support larger busts, cutaway backs which cover your belly, even ones that pull your tummy in, and loads more. Work with your flaws to minimize them. There is swimwear to suit every body. Don’t be afraid you might need a clever designer’s help to make you look good in a swimsuit.


Try on at the Right Time of the Day

Try on at the Right Time of the Day When you go shopping for your swimwear choose the right day. Don’t go after a big carb based meal. Go first thing in the morning when you have a relatively empty stomach. Feeling slimmer will help you to be less analytical about your body and feel happier in the suit. A little self tan might also help you to like your swimwear.


Go Bright Gradually

Go Bright Gradually If you’re thinking up ways to look fabulous in a swimsuit then you’ve probably not thought of this one. Buy a number of swimsuits in a variety of colours but, if you have pale skin then don’t go bright straight away. Start off with neutral colours, browns or beiges, and then work up to your funky shades as summer goes on and your tan gets darker. If you wear a neon color-block bikini and your pasty body hasn’t seen the light of day until April 1st, it’s an ad that shouts “hey, look at me.” Who needs that kind of attention?


Check out Online

Check out Online When you want to know how to look great in a bathing suit you will probably search online for answers. While you’re on the web, explore what is on offer at online stores. The great thing about ordering online is that you can have a number of different shapes and styles sent to your house ready for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. This way you can try them on at the best time of day for you, you can look in your own mirrors and get a good feel for the one which is right for you. If you don’t like them then you can send them straight back.


Take Your Time

Take Your Time Take a few hours for swimwear shopping and try on a variety of different styles. Be brave, go for ones which you don’t think you’d be seen dead in because you might be surprised at how good they look. Trying on loads will be sure to help you to find the one which suits you and your shape best. There are so many out there that it simply isn’t possible to buy the first one you see. Don’t just assume “your size” fits. Swimwear is the clothing item that varies so much in measurements that you really can’t rely on the label. A suit might fit beautifully to hug your butt, but push your breasts so high under your chin you can rest your pina colada on them. Be clever – buy separates – that way you can pander to your variable sizes.

Stressing about what you look like on the beach is no way to prepare for a well-earned and well-deserved vacation. Invest some time into researching and buying your swimwear and take your place in the ranks of the beautiful beach bunnies. I wonder – has anyone got any more tips for looking fabulous in a swimsuit?

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I don't like this because it's sliw

Finally! An article about looking good in swimwear that doesn't include losing weight,by all means I'm not chubby,I'm thic enough to be considered plus size to some and honestly its nice to see a article that requires confidence instead of losing weight to look amazing in your swimsuit

I love this! I like how it has pictures with one suits and girls who are curvy:)

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