6 Unicorn 🦄 Outfit Inspos 💡 to Have You Feeling beyond Magical 🔮 ...

You probably know by now that the unicorn trend is back (okay, it never really left), and now it's making its way into fashion! These amazing unicorn outfits will make any girl feel beyond magical as well as a lover of this super popular trend! Keep reading to get your unicorn fashion inspo as suggested by Seventeen.com!

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Hope Tie Dye Oversized Mesh Tee, $30
at Boohoo
Clara White Unicorn Headband, $10 at Boohoo
Metal Drink Bottle, $21 at Typo
Faye Star Sequin Fray Hem Denim Shorts, $26 at Boohoo
Spur Sneaker, $79 at Betsey Johnson

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