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Best Summer Sleepwear to Have You Stylish Even in Your Dreams ...

By Keyaani

Lazy summer nights are made instantly better with the best summer sleepwear. There’s something quite relaxing about wearing the cutest and comfy pajamas which immediately puts you in a better mood. Even though you're wearing them to bed, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of sleeping in matching pajamas; who said you can't be stylish while sleeping! have come up with the best summer sleepwear sets, that will keep you cool and comfortable in warm weather. These gorgeous summer PJ sets are all under $30 - now that’s what I call a bargain!

1 Graphic Print PJ Set

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, jacket, spring,Product Info: $22.90 at Forever 21

We love how classic and "adult" these PJs seem at first glance. But take a closer look - they're adorned with an eclectic mix of palm trees, cats, planets, and more! How cute.

2 Satin Cami and Shorts Set

clothing, active undergarment, sleeve, undergarment, hairstyle,Product Info: $29 at ASOS

The perfect PJ set for those sweltering hot summer nights. Delicate sheer detailing adds a sophisticated vibe to this light cami and shorts combo.


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3 Ombré Tee and Short Set

clothing, sleeve, t shirt, photo shoot, neck,Product Info: $20 at Boohoo

This comfy and colorful set is just the thing to wear while you nibble on unicorn toast.

4 Striped Sleep Romper

clothing, sleeve, photography, dress, swimwear,Product Info: $21.99 at Victoria's Secret

Okay, technically not a PJ set, but this "sleep romper" was just too adorable not to include in our roundup. Also, it's seriously on sale!

5 Pajama Camisole and Shorts

clothing, sleeve, dress, pattern, photo shoot,Product Info: $24.99 at H&M

Because your #allblackeverything mantra is totally allowed to carry over to your pajamas, too.

6 Pug Pajamas

clothing, red, pink, sleeve, photo shoot,Product Info: $24.49 at Modcloth

Who isn't a fan of pugs? Showcase your pupper love with this eye-catching PJ set. Bonus: How cute is that lace detailing?

7 Pineapple Pajama Set

clothing, sleeve, yellow, photo shoot, pattern,Product Info: $27.90 at Forever 21

Pineapple prints are everywhere these days and we are all for it. Also, this set has pockets. Enough said.

8 Floral Print PJ Set

clothing, day dress, pink, dress, pattern,Product Info: $20 at Boohoo

We like to imagine this is what a modern-day Princess Jasmine would wear to bed. But seriously, these look oh-so comfortable. *Adds to cart*

9 Peplum Pajama Set

clothing, sleeve, photo shoot, pattern, spring,Product Info: $14.99 at Target

Peplum pajama perfection. (Say that five times fast!) The delicate floral print and ruffle details on these PJs add feminine touches to this comfy set.

10 Lace-Trim Cami and Shorts Set

clothing, undergarment, lingerie, dress, gown,Product Info: $19.99 at Amazon

We could all use a luxe set like this. This fabric is just like silk, but much less expensive. Pretty lace trim adds the perfect amount of contrast. As a bonus, this set comes in seven different colors!

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