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Cleaning out your closet is a huge task. Once you get the job done, the last thing you want is for it to get messy again, right? I can totally relate. These are some tips that can help you to keep your closet organized so it’s always a pleasure to choose your outfit for the day.

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Prevent Boots from Falling over with Old Magazines

This’s one of my pet peeves. I hate when my boots fall over! I want to see them lined up neatly. I certainly don’t want them falling over and getting permanent creases in them. You can prevent boots from falling over by placing rolled up magazines in them to help them hold their shape. Pool noodles can also be cut to length for this purpose, too.


Organize Your Scarves with a Tie Rack

Tie racks are good for more than just tie organization. They’re also great at giving you a place to hang your scarves. Scarves are beautiful and I love to wear them but they can become a real mess without some organization. Tie racks work really well and take up very little space. If this option doesn’t work, you can also make a scarf organizer out of a hanger and shower curtain rings.


A Shoe Rack is an Absolute Must

Shoe racks control the chaos. They also give you more room to store shoes which is always a good thing. There are various kinds you can choose from. I like the basic 3 row wire ones that you can pick up practically anywhere. There are also over the door organizers for shoes which are great for flats and flip-flops.


Group like with like

Being organized in the way you hang your clothing is an important step in keeping your closet neat. The simplest way to do this is group like with like. For example, hang dresses together, skirts together, jeans together, etc. You can even differentiate between long sleeves, short sleeves, tanks and camis. Some people even separate their closets by color; it’s all about finding the right organizational system for you.


Place a Hamper in Your Closet for Dirty Clothes

Do dirty clothes seem to litter the floor of your closet? Perhaps damp towels fall there as you get dressed in the mornings. Having a hamper in your closet is very handy. It keeps your dirty clothes in one place so you can just grab them when it’s time to do laundry. It also keeps your closet in neat order.


Find Junk a New Home

Do you have a habit of stashing stuff in your closet that doesn’t belong? I’ve been guilty of that! It’s a lot easier to keep your closet neat and organized when it doesn’t have things in it that you aren’t using anymore or don’t need. Besides, that extra junk lying around could make you some fast cash. Sell it in a yard sale or on a site like eBay.


Corral Your Purses into a Bin or Hang Them up

Purses can get out of hand, especially if you have a lot of them. I completely understand wanting to keep them; like my sister says, you can always shop your closet for a new look. But when you aren’t using them, it’s really good if you can keep them organized. Bins are a great way to keep them together. You can also hang them if that option works better for you.

These are some tips to help you keep your closet organized. But I know you have some secret tricks, too! What are your favorite organizational tips for closets?

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My best organization tip is hanging my tops with skirt hangers. The wide necks and such don't fall off hangers anymore :)

Don't change your profile pic it's beautiful as it is. God has made each one of us unique. It's a pity some people think they have it all when they don't

God can you change your profile pic

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