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Vintage Fashion is a stylish, popular, eco-friendly way to express your personal style, make it everlasting, interesting and uncopyable. However, since truly fabulous pieces aren’t so easy to find, there’s always the question of which vintage fashions to look for as well as which parts of your vintage heirloom to hold on to, regardless the sum you’re offered for them. That’s why you simply must check out this simple guide on everything vintage and fabulous:

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Special Occasion Dresses

Made using only the finest of fabrics, special occasion vintage fashions have been seen on the red carpet in more than one occasion! These super-glamorous, black tie pieces of vintage fashion can be found in many styles and colors and are usually so fine that you won’t need to dress them up too much for an absolutely stunning look.


Costume Jewelry

Bold, elegant and totally stylish- costume jewelry is be a part of your vintage heirloom you’ll want to keep even if you’re not overly fascinated with eras gone by. Chokers, clip-on earrings, brooches, chains, bracelets and pins your mom and grandma wore from 50’s and 60’s to 90’s will prove to be amazingly effective in terms of completing your modern outfits as well, thus giving you a unique style that’s fresh, despite the age of your accessories.



From super-glamorous clutches and lady-like purses to laid back messenger bags and undoubtedly stylish folder cases – a vintage bag is definitely a keeper! Usually crafted in Italy and France, THE Mecca and Madina of fashion, these bags will give your style that “special something” most established fashion bloggers have and are admired for.



Pleated, A –line, full or pencil – skirts are one of those vintage fashions you simply can’t go wrong with! Why? Well, simply because every and any style presented to us today is nothing but a recycled piece of vintage fashion. Even 2012’s must-haves, super feminine peplum skirts, have been seen, worn and adored decades ago!


Gloves & Belts

From 70’s favorites – thin belts and 80’s and 90’s decorative wide ones to soft, feminine gloves and their rocker chic fingerless sisters – there are plenty of fabulous vintage accessories you can rock with pride without having to spend a lot of cash to get there. Simply go through your mom’s and granny’s closet, visit a few thrift stores or browse through millions of online listings –who knows, you can even snag a gorgeous designer piece for a rock-bottom price!


Elegant Blouses

Sensual silk, glamorous chiffon, vintage lace… if you’re lucky enough to have a few elegant blouses as a part of your vintage heirloom, definitely put them into a good use! Belt the free-flowing fabrics to create a unique look or simply tuck the ends into a high-waisted skirt or pants for an ultra-feminine, unquestionably stylish look.



Cool shapes, cool details and fascinating choice of colors – sunglasses and prescription frames are one of many reasons for which I absolutely love vintage fashion! YSL, Pucci and Azzaro had some really awesome ideas a few decades ago and the same can be said for the house of Dior! So, if you’re looking for a pair of really stunning oversized or cat-eye shades, definitely give vintage styles a shot!



Feminine Chanel-esque blazers are unbelievably hot and the same thing can be said for those figure-flattering peplum ones as well as tuxedo styles that, although don’t do much to accent a feminine hourglass shape, still make a very stylish piece of clothing!

Chic, high quality pieces of vintage fashion are definitely worth having in your wardrobe! So, tell me – how proud are you of your vintage heirloom and what are your most coveted possessions?

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