6 Wardrobe Changes You Can Make to Help the Environment ...

By Carly

6 Wardrobe Changes You Can Make to Help the Environment ...

When you think about doing your bit to help the environment, probably the first things that come to mind are things recycling, minding your food wastage, and generally just trying to be more sustainable and sensible in all areas of life. One such area, but perhaps one that hasn’t always been talked about as much, is your own wardrobe. Fashion is thankfully becoming more and more sustainable as time goes on, and it is your job to start taking on more good habits. Here are six easy things you can do to help the environment via your wardrobe.

1 Wardrobe Swapping

Before you make the move to buy a whole new set of brand new clothing, instead explore the option of swapping clothing with your friends to create new looks. Get together and bring all the pieces that you are bored of, you might find that you come away with new full outfits without having contributed to further manufacture. Clothing swap parties are fun!

2 Donate

Rather than throwing your clothing away, you should always make the effort to donate it. Doing this ensures that your old garments won’t end up as landfill, and they can go on to help someone else be more sustainable with their own fashion too.

3 30 Times Rule

Make a new rule with yourself that dictates that you aren’t allowed to buy any new piece of clothing unless you can commit to wearing it more than thirty times. This will prevent you from purchasing those silly one-off pieces that always end up in the garbage.

4 Do Shop REsearch

Do the appropriate research and get into the habit of buying the majority of your clothing from shops and brands that are committed to sustainability. There is no excuse not to be doing more in this current climate, so make sure that you speak with your wallet and give money to the business that are actually trying to improve things.

5 Better Care

Try to take better care of your clothing, because when you take better care of it, you won’t have to replace items as often. A low turnover of garments is something that we should all be aiming to do more of.

6 Be Informed

Knowledge is power when it comes to being environmentally friendly and sustainably aware. Check out your favourite brands, what are their policies and practices like? What countries are their garments made in and do they maintain ethical and moral standards? You need to be asking the right questions and acting appropriately with the answers that you find.

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