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10 Ways to Add Instant Glamour to Your Look ...

By Sophia

Ways to add glamour to your look don’t always have to be time consuming. There are plenty of ways that you can pull off a polished look on the go. It can range from popping on a pair of oversized sunglasses to applying a quick coat of red lipstick. This season, don’t be afraid to add those extra glamorous touches to your outfit. Be sure to check out the following cheat sheet for quick ways to add glamour to your look.

Table of contents:

  1. Red lipstick
  2. Slick chignon
  3. Patent pumps
  4. Winged eyeliner
  5. Diamond earrings
  6. Lovely gloves
  7. Oversized sunglasses
  8. Floppy hats
  9. Silk scarves
  10. Pearl necklaces

1 Red Lipstick

Channel your inner screen siren with a coat of red lipstick. I find that 99% of the time a coat of red lipstick can make me feel instantly glamorous. Choose a true red rather than an orange-red hue to really achieve some old-school glamour.

2 Slick Chignon

When looking at ways to add glamour to your look, your hairstyle can play a huge role. The trick to keeping your look polished is to make sure your hair is neat and orderly. Try a classic chignon for an elegantly glamorous look.

3 Patent Pumps

One guaranteed way of making your outfit more glamorous is with the addition of a pair of heels. Choose a pair of pumps with a patent finish to really take your outfit to new and glamorous heights.

4 Winged Eyeliner

Another effective way to add glamour to your look is to embrace liquid eyeliner. Go glam with a seductive winged eyeliner look. It may take a while to perfect, but once you’ve got the whole thing mastered there’ll be no looking back!

5 Diamond Earrings

Nothing says glamour quite like dripping in diamonds. Add a bit of bling to your ensemble with some dazzling diamond earrings. If you can’t afford the real deal, Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia will do the trick just fine!

6 Lovely Gloves

If runway trends are anything to go by, gloves will be having a major fashion moment this season. Luckily for us, they also look super glamorous when paired with tailored pants and a blouse or a full-skirted dress. Long or short, leather or lace, gloves are one of the most stylish ways to add glamour to your look right now.

7 Oversized Sunglasses

Go incognito in a pair of dark, oversized sunglasses. You can’t go wrong with rounded or cat eye frames. They’re a seriously quick fix when it comes to adding instant glamour to your look.

8 Floppy Hats

Give your outfit that glamorous finishing touch with a floppy hat. It’s perfect for creating an air of mystery about your look.

9 Silk Scarves

Adding a touch of glamour to your look can be as simple as wearing a silk scarf. They’ll give you a sense of old-school elegance and can be the perfect accent pieces for an outfit. Worn either around your neck or on your head, add a little bit of luxe to your look with a silky scarf.

10 Pearl Necklaces

A simple and timeless piece of jewellery, the pearl necklace is perfect for wearing during the day and night. Wear one with a smart-casual outfit for a chic everyday look or with an LBD for an elegant evening wear option.

This season is all about embracing everyday glamour. When looking at ways to add instant glamour to your look, focus on your makeup and accessories. What’s your favourite way to add glamour to your look?

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