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8 Ways to Get Snapped by Street Style Photographers ...

By Sophia

Street style tips can be handed out all well and good, but what’s the end goal? To be snapped by a street style photographer, duh! These days, it seems that if your outfit isn’t documented by a street fashion photographer, it doesn’t count. So how do you get snapped out on the street if you’re not a fashion editor, model, or popular fashion blogger? Read on for a few street style tips worthy of a photograph!

1 Wear Statement Shoes

Street style photographers love a crazy looking shoe. When it comes to street ready style tips guaranteed to get you photographed, make sure your shoes make a statement. Hey, they might not photograph the rest of your outfit but it’s better than nothing, right?

2 Embrace Excess

Unless you’re Emanuelle Alt (the uber chic editor-in-chief at Vogue Paris) or a model off duty, no one will care about your pared down outfit of a button down shirt and jeans. So how do you get noticed? By embracing excess, of course! Pile on that statement jewellery and pop on that ridiculous head gear! I call it the Anna Dello Russo approach.


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3 Pile on the Prints

A bold, colourful print is bound to get you noticed. Prints are also going to appear better on screen. So my street style tip for capturing the attention of those street style photographers? Wear an eye-catching print (or two, if you want to double your chances)! Just remember to look for complementary contrasts -- don't clash!

4 Wear Designer

This street style tip is unfair, but true. Wearing designer gear will immediately up your chances of getting snapped by a street style photographer. What if your budget doesn’t stretch that far? Then take note of the key trends and try to recreate similar looks. Who knows, your creativity just might get you noticed!

5 Consult Your Fashion Calendar

The chances of running into a street style photographer at your local mall are very low, so consult your calendar and pinpoint all the major fashion week events. If there’s one nearby, hop to it! You don’t even have to be attending the shows – just hang outside the venues pre- and post-show with all the other fashionable wannabes!

6 Get a Dye Job

Pastel and rainbow coloured hair is a big trend both on and off the runways right now. When it comes to street style tips, a good dye job can work wonders. Up your chances of getting shot by a street style photographer by making sure your mane resembles one that you’d find on a My Little Pony toy.

7 Utilise Transport Props

Ride a bike, stand next to a cab – these props are favourites for street style photographers! I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen street style snaps of fashionable folk on bicycles or tapping at their phones right next to an iconic yellow NYC cab. In fact, look for particularly iconic images because they tend to make fab photo ops.

8 Act like You Don’t Care

It’s all about attitude, daaaaahling! Like animals that sense fear, street style photographers can sense desperation. Act nonchalant and whatever you do, don’t look at the camera!

Like moths to a flame, I’ve noticed that these are a few things that street style photographers always flock to. Crazy shoes, colourful prints, piles of accessories – these street style tips are all tickets to street style fame. Have you got a style tip guaranteed of getting you snapped by a street style photographer?

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