7 Ways to Look Good in a Bikini ...


Uh-oh, it's bikini season and we all know what that means-but don't worry, because there are many ways to look good in a bikini! It might feel like it's time to feel embarrassed and ugly, right? No! Never! Bikini shopping is probably one of the most dreaded things for women, but it doesn't have to be. I have your guide right here for 7 ways to look good in a bikini. All tried and true methods! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read this article, then head out to buy yourself a bikini with confidence, and then WEAR it with confidence. It will never do you any good just sitting in your dresser drawers. Besides, you wouldn't want to waste money, would you?

1. The Skin You're in

It's important to pay attention to your skin before you don that bikini and hit the beach. You don't want to forget to remove unwanted hair! There are many hair removal options available, so choose one that works for you. Shaving, waxing, Nair lotion and tweezing are just a few. Also, remember to exfoliate your skin and apply lotion. You don't want dry, flaky, scaly skin in a bikini! That would not be a pretty sight! Don't forget your underarms!

Get on Your Glow
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