Ways to Match Your Outfits with Your Handbag ...

By Olga

Ways to Match Your Outfits with Your Handbag ...

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend; this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Handbags are the real MVPs when it comes to a girl’s closet. What would hold all your prized possessions like makeup, car keys, money so perfectly like the handbag? Whether you are heading to the office, an event or simply running some errands in town, a handbag is a must-have.

A handbag is an essential accessory that completes a look. The secret to creating a ‘fabulous look’ is detailed on how you pair outfits with the handbag. Most women, especially those that want to stay fashion-forward own at least three to four handbags. These handbags are worn on different days depending on occasions or color schemes. Some women are known to make a few fashion mistakes when it comes to coordinating their outfits and bags.

Here are some few questions you need to ask yourselves while pairing the outfits with the handbags;

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What to wear with what handbag is highly dependent on the occasion you are going for. Office, casual, dressy, formal, informal, gala, funeral, red carpets are some of the events that may need us to either dress up or dress down. Below are some unwritten rules that are paramount when it comes to coordinating the occasions with the handbag;

- Casual bags should go with casual outfits, formal bags with formal outfits.

- When going shopping dressed in tees and jeans always carry an oversized hobo or duffel bag.

- Official suits go well with roomy tote bags or a structured box bag such as the Loewe cushion tote bag.

- Satchels go hand in hand with high-waist trousers.

- Sling bags look cute in summer dresses and sandals.

- A top handle tote bag or a briefcase bag is definitely for the boardroom.

- If you are attending an elegant formal event, carry a glamorous clutch bag.

A dress with a lot of details or embellishment will look good with a plain handbag or clutch.


It may seem odd; however, your body shape plays a role in the type of bag to choose. The length and shape of your bag should counterbalance your height and curves. A pear-shaped body will look more to the heavier side if paired with a hip-length handbag. Big busted women should stay clear of cross bags as they attract a lot of attention to the cleavage area. Medium-sized women should purchase medium-sized bags and vice versa is true. Low hanging bags shouldn’t be worn by short ladies as they will look way shorter than they are.

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Your choice of handbag says a lot about your style. If your outfits make a statement for you, then a handbag should add the extra oomph needed. You can never go wrong with a leather handbag. Tote bags are practical. Sling and cross bags are casual. Crystal studded bags are glamorous and the list goes on and on. The goal is to pick a bag that elevates your style. Try not to overdo or go matchy-matchy as this will make the entire vibe monochromatic and boring.


Your outfit’s colour and texture should lead you on the choice of the handbag to be carried. If your outfit is monochromatic, try to pair it with a coloured or printed handbag that will catch the eye. A multi-coloured outfit requires a plain and neutral bag. A leather handbag is a classic and you can never go wrong with it. The detailing or hardware of the bag ought to match any details on your outfit. You cannot afford to have a bag with a silver buckle and wear a pair of jeans with a gold-buckled belt. That’s a fashion no-no!

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