8 Tips on How to Accessorize ...


8 Tips on How to Accessorize ...
8 Tips on How to Accessorize ...

How to Accessorize and why should you do it? Now aren’t these some pretty good questions to discuss now, when every magazine in the world is busy suggesting new trends and every woman in the world starts having those gloomy thoughts about not having anything to wear. Let’s face it, ladies, we do have a closet full of stuff and the only thing we need to do in order for them to go from “last season and boring” to “totally trendy” is learn how to accessorize. Do you agree? Let me share some accessorizing tips then! So, for all of you in need of fresh ideas and all of you wondering how to accessorize everything from everyday outfits to evening attire – here’s 8 must-read tips:

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Understand the Importance of Accessories

Accessorizing is a creative process and maybe even some form of art, not a pointless, boring process that is supposed to give you headaches! Accessories will help you stand out, they will also help you save money and you’ll always look fabulous! How? Well, it’s actually very simple – experimenting with different types of hairpieces, belts, jewelry will make the clothes you already own look totally different enabling you to wear them more often. But that’s not all – you’ll actually get complimented for your looks and nobody will even notice that’s the same shirt/skirt you wore two days ago!


Fab Bag + Fab Shoes = Success

I’ll fitting or plain clothes can be accessorized to look stunning but a cheap looking bag and even worse shoes will make even the best ensemble look barely average. So if you really want to know how to accessorize too look like a celeb take my advice and invest your money (or effort to find a good sale) in fabulous bags and shoes. You don’t have to go all the way out and blow all your cash in Christian Louboutin store but remember this- with so many wonderful, budget-friendly brands out there and so many great end-of-the season sales, you simply can’t allow yoursel to wear bad shoes and bad bags. Don’t believe me? Pay attention to celebrity/top model paparazzi photos – plain jeans, plain tee, fab shoes and a matching bag! If you have good shoes on your legs and a good bag hanging from your shoulder you can wear a $10 knitted dress (fab belt goes without saying) and look like million bucks!


Experiment with Colors

My next tip on how to accessorize like a pro would be to avoid boring monochromatic looks. Too much black could make you gloomier than an undertaker, too much white will make you look like a bride to be and matching shoes, bag and clothes (regardless of the color) always reminds me of circus performers and their outfits! This doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to wear shoes and bags that don’t match – I like when my shoes match my bag too but I would never wear my red dress with my red shoes and red bag! So, here’s the deal – if you’re wearing all black choose a bag and a jacket/scarf/necklace in a bold color (turquoise and red are my favorites. Orange and yellow accessories look great on brown ensembles while both gold and silver compliment white and off white tones perfectly.


Experiment with Jewelry

Ah, jewelry… It’s amazing what you can do with just a couple of eye-catching, trendy budget-friendly pieces bought at H&M for example! I’ve finally forced myself experiment with jewelry this summer and it was a huge success! I’ve been choosing clothes that are casual and comfy and overcompensated with jewelry and girls, I am not lying nor exaggerating when I say that I never felt more free or looked better. Even my sister noticed that. So, take my advice and start using all those wonderful pieces you have. It doesn’t have to be gold and it doesn’t have to be silver – bijoux can look just as great and is much cheaper! Next time you wear a plain shirt don’t forget to add a necklace or two, invest in a cool statement ring you can wear often (choose something that’s big, bright and goes with most of your clothes) and don’t forget to wear earrings each time you decide to pull your hair up.


You Can Never Have Too Many Belts

And yet, you should pay attention not to wear more than one at the time! A cool belt will make your semi casual- jeans + T shirt + leather jacket ensemble look street-chic and if you choose to wear your good shoes/boots and a good bag (which I think is a must), you’ll definitely turn heads! Wide elastic belts will help turn your slouchy garments into chic, figure flattering multipurpose ensembles while narrow belts in all the colors you can find (or just a few of your favorite ones) remain the most versatile accessory a woman can have. You can combine more narrow belts at a time or use just one to accent the narrowest part of your waist, they can glam up a classing cocktail dress (or even a wedding dress!) and oh, let’s not forget how well they look when worn with the trendiest item of the season – wide leg pants!


Discover Your Inner Fashionista

Scarves, bijoux belts, sunglasses, hairpieces, gloves, hats- unless you’re determined to shop for designer accessories, you can afford to shop for the latest, trendiest styles and colors to add to your collection. Find your own way to be trendy, to make the trends work for you – that’s the true meaning of being a fashionista. You don’t have to spend a fortune or turn into a Smurf whenever designers say “blue” - get an eye-catching blue necklace instead and either a pair of blue shoes or a blue bag to wear with black and gray things you already have. Read fashion magazines, get familiar with designer items/suggestions for the season and you’ll have no problem spotting a budget-friendly accessory to update your existing clothes with.



How to accessorize on a budget? Simple – if you can’t find or afford an accessory you like, make it yourself! Knit a cute winter hat and a pair of gloves, make a totally unique bib necklace, buy a heavy gold-toned chain and attach a few medallions for a glamorous, vintage-inspired belt! And, oh, here’s a thought – why not turn that old fur coat into something you will use for a change? A chic collar, perhaps? Or maybe a muff? Give it a thought and I’m sure you’ll think of other cool, totally unique stuff you can update your fall attire with.


Find the Perfect Balance

Less can be more but, then again, less can also mean “not much” and that’s one word you don’t want people to use when trying to describe your style. Right? Another thing you don’t want is to overdo it and end up looking like… well… let’s not go there. So, my final tip on how to accessorize would be to find a perfect balance between looking plain and looking like a circus performer. It’s actually quite simple- if you’re wearing a glitzy, bejeweled dress/top, ditch excess jewelry (such as necklaces or long earrings) and opt for a bracelet or a statement ring instead. Glitzy dresses look best with neutral shoes (black or nude) and glitzy shoes will look ubercool if you pair them with a simple dress and impressive jewelry or a sexy sparkly top and a pair of skinny jeans (go easy on the jewelry). Plain, knitted dresses or turtleneck blouses, in the other hand, NEED accessories so don’t be afraid to throw in a fur collar, long pearl necklace and your favorite medallion necklace! In case necklaces are not your thing, definitely consider belts and long eye-catching earrings.

You see, there are many fun, budget-friendly ways to be stylish and unique so before you go on a shopping spree determined to spend your entire salary in advance, figure out how to accessorize clothes you already have. So? Any naturally gifted ladies out there? I bet there are plenty of you who can share their own cool tips and tricks on how to accessorize. Come on don’t be shy! Tell me – what works best for you?

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