8 Tips on How to Accessorize ...


How to Accessorize and why should you do it? Now aren’t these some pretty good questions to discuss now, when every magazine in the world is busy suggesting new trends and every woman in the world starts having those gloomy thoughts about not having anything to wear. Let’s face it, ladies, we do have a closet full of stuff and the only thing we need to do in order for them to go from “last season and boring” to “totally trendy” is learn how to accessorize. Do you agree? Let me share some accessorizing tips then! So, for all of you in need of fresh ideas and all of you wondering how to accessorize everything from everyday outfits to evening attire – here’s 8 must-read tips:

1. Understand the Importance of Accessories

Accessorizing is a creative process and maybe even some form of art, not a pointless, boring process that is supposed to give you headaches! Accessories will help you stand out, they will also help you save money and you’ll always look fabulous! How? Well, it’s actually very simple – experimenting with different types of hairpieces, belts, jewelry will make the clothes you already own look totally different enabling you to wear them more often. But that’s not all – you’ll actually get complimented for your looks and nobody will even notice that’s the same shirt/skirt you wore two days ago!

Fab Bag + Fab Shoes = Success